Erin Lee

Erin Lee


"A mix between the simplicity of Sade and the poetic approach of Floetry. Mix that with truthful lyrics and a sultry, sensual voice. You have a voice that captivates the soul."


Erin Lee's most up-to-date projects include having recorded with Q-Productions in Corpus Christi, TX.
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In a world full of bubblegum rock, cookie-cutter Asian pop and bling, The Soulstress offers Neo-soul with a touch of Jazz. Throughout the years, The Soulstress has established herself as one of the rare Asian-American artists to create and perform stirring Neo-soul music. At the tender age of 5, the thought-provoking artist picked up the violin and quickly fell passionately in love with music. She lived, breathed, and ate music in her daily life. Growing up in Koreatown, Los Angeles, she was exposed to the harsh realities of poverty, gang violence, and racial prejudice. In order to keep her distracted from becoming involved with dangerous paths, her parents placed her in numerous orchestras and music competitions.

Although she won many violin competitions and played her own concerts, The Soulstress knew that singing was truly her calling. She quickly began writing poetry at the age of 11 and soon penned her own songs. Through years of classical music training in voice and violin, she paved her own path to a musical destiny. Soon, the Hip-Hop and R&B that she listened to became her passion. While singing classical and liturgical pieces, she'd go home and practice the R&B rifts of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Her obsessions with singing and writing became so strong that she sacrificed a promising education in fashion design at a prestigious institution to pursue her dreams of becoming a soul-stirring singer. She continues to perform passionate and soulful music.

She is influenced by a diverse variety of legendary artists such as Jill Scott, Sade, Erykah Badu, Selena, Nydia Rojas, Celine Dion, Celia Cruz, Ella Fitzgerald, and Isabel Pantojas.


Entertainment Resume:

*Korean Health Association Annual Banquet (Black Tie Affair) / Special Guest Artist
*The World Famous Apollo Theater / Featured Artist
*The Airliner Club/Lounge / Guest Artist
*KATE in Beverly Hills / Guest Artist
*Highland Grounds Café / Artist
*Zen Sushi Club/lounge / Guest Artist
*Eagle Rock Underground / Guest Artist with collaborations by Funk band “Slang” (KCRW)
*El Cid Theater / Featured Artist
*UCI Korean Cultural Night’s “Most Wanted Showcase” / Awarded “Top Performer”
*UCI Korean Cultural Night Annual Event / Guest Artist
*Worldwide Star Search 2005 / Finalist
*Worldwide Star Search 2006 / Awarded “Singer of the Year”
*Los Angeles Coliseum / Guest Artist
*Poet’s Jazz House / Guest Artist
*Foxx Club / Featured Artist
*B.B. King’s / Background vocals for Golden Entertainment
*The Knitting Factory with X2 Productions / Featured Artist
*Midnight Theatre / Featured Artist
*Kotton Club / Featured Artist
*Club Fais Do-Do Industry Showcase / Featured Artist
*Loyola Concert Choir / Madrigal Singer / Touring
*Da Poetry Lounge / Spoken Word Poet
*A Mic and Dim Lights / Spoken Word Poet
*In-House Records showcase / Featured Jazz Artist
*100.3 The Beat & Sunkist Soda Talent Search / Featured Contestant


*Q-Productions (Selena Quintanilla)/Abraham Quintanilla (recorded several Tejano songs)
*Haters Lip Service / Cori Jacobs (Grammy Winner; The Pussycat Dolls)
*Loyola Concert Choir Album
*Self-Produced album “A Journey”/ The Soulstress
*Nic Nak Productions / Female Vocalist for Background Vocals and Hooks
*Hazzardous Hip Hop / Background Vocalist/ Session Writer
*Inkwistive Hip Hop / Background Vocalist



*Classically trained in violin from age 5-15
*Trained in violin by: Abraham Stern, Yuki Mori, Fung Ho, and Chan Ho Park
*Loves to sing in Spanish
*Trained with Loyola Concert Choir in liturgical music
*Current vocal coach: NJVI (Natalie Jensen)
*Member of Oriental Mission Church's Adult Symphony Orchestra at the age of 9 (1st violin chair)
*Chosen from over 300 contestants to perform at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY


The Soulstress: A Journey (Self-titled EP) with 5 songs

Features production by:

*Valley Center Studios
*Grammy-winning Producer: Cori Jacobs

Set List

Typical set list includes a wide range of original songs from album, and well-known cover songs from Jazz and Soul artists as well as pop music cover songs. A typical set list differs for each venue's requests.