Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Picture a young female trying to make a fantasy world into a reality, with jazz, musical theatre and quirky musical elements to express emotion and everyday life.


Once there was a shy girl who had no friends. She grew up in a musical household with a musically perfect father who was a jazz musicians and an innovative mother who had immersed herself in theatre. This girl was an only child, and so her friends and playmates were her musical instruments, like the piano and the violin in which would provide fun, enjoyment and emotional release. She was inspired by 1950s Jazz, musical theatre and any lyrical content that involved some cheek, and this was reflected in the music she created. Some found her music too quirky, strange and extremely confronting with the use of her operatic vocals and disorientated chords, however this did not stop her from creating. Once she had grown a little older, she decided she would make a band, and play in wonderful venues in Brisbane and sunny The Gold Coast. All the while, this girl had a dream in which she would attempt anything to fulfill and that was to express her music to the world, to be original whilst doing it, not to get too cocky along the way, to never stop trying and annoying anyone who would listen. This is the unfinished story of Erin-Louise you have stumbled across and this is her music.

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