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Erin McCabe

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Erin McCabe @ Unity of Montclair / 82 Union Street

Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Erin McCabe @ Montclair Unity

Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Erin McCabe @ Montclair Unity

Montclair, New Jersey, USA

Montclair, New Jersey, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Your music has taken me to a place I have never been before. There is no way for me to articulate the magnitude or depth, but thought you might like to hear my little story.

Early this morning I decided to drive somewhere to meditate, but had no specific location in mind. I ended up sitting in my car in a large parking lot facing the morning sunrise. With your CD playing in the background, I closed my eyes, escaped my mind, and let the music envelope me. As "I Say Amen" began to play, I opened my eyes to the most brilliantly blinding bright
sunshine. I felt as if I were looking into the face of God and suddenly got a sense of serenity that brought me to tears.

For as long as I can recall, I don't ever remember shedding tears of joy. While I have had the feeling of happiness in my life, I have never felt the peace and joy that I am now experiencing. I feel like I have been hitting that snooze to delay the awakening of my life up until this point.
Fortunately, I missed it this last time and it has made all the difference.

Thank you for sharing your talents.
- Mel in KC

I could really relate to your words. I think that you, by nature, speak in a very mystical, yet down-to-earth way. I love how you encompass other spiritual practices and traditions in your message. And the words you spoke embody love, power and oneness. They didn't sound "churchy"--rather they are love in action.

Lastly, I LOVED the music. I already liked soulful singing, but put together with lyrics that empower...WOW! That was too cool. It just made me want to move. Now that's not your average singing out of a hymnal.
- Jenny from KC

I listened to your CD in the car on the way to work yesterday and it still continues to unfold.

The beautiful story.
What your about.
How you express it.
How you choose to deliver it.

For a moment I heard Emmy Lou singing one of your songs.

It’s your songwriting my friend that will make all the dreams you’ve ever had come true. It’s not just good, it’s brilliant. When you get to that place in you that is truly personal, yet conveys something we all know, that is the key! You do it with just about every tune.
- Ken from Iowa

I was completely surrounded by an energy listening to you at Unity ... a force or energy ... strong ... this woman will soon be touching lives on a grand scale ... I really felt like ... so this is what it feels like to "discover" someone! - from Lawrence

I bought your CD "Come On" on Monday night at Mead
Street Station.

I can't say enough about it. You have unique and very
interesting voice. I love the energy, the lyrics and
the total music experience. I must say I love your ability to tell your

Your songs have emotion, thoughtfulness, spirituality
and a recognition and appreciation of your own humanity.

You've really got some fantastic material on there. I anticipate it will be in my regular rotation of auto CDs.
- Barry from Denver

You are an amazing , soulful woman! I have listened to your CD 3x through and love it! It speaks so strongly of your journey and your's incredibly personal and so universal. Your words are simple and echo with eloquent truth. You are SO big......your thoughts, your words, your ideas, your pictures, your talent, your heart. I love how you love this world, it's people and life! Rock on......take it to the people girl! TELL it! You "believe it", but even bigger and much more LIVE it. I'm way blown away!

Okay, so do you want to sell these in the bookstore at our church? I want to start spreading the ripples of this brain and soul food you birthed.
- Paula in Kansas

This is my first time hearing you sing. I thank my friend for sharing this wonderful cd with me at work. I'm a mailclerk and I need a up-lifting word or song at times. I don't have much money but have a prayer that I will say for your music ministry. May the grace of God bless you and keep you from now to forever more and may your music ministry grow. - Mailclerk

Yesterday, quiet little church in Lawrence ... tucked away on the back row ... seeking solitude ...
... when ... I was struck with the voice ... unique ... powerful ... divine ... a Gift!
- Margaret in KS

Erin's music and this CD in particular are so creative and true. The music is well written and the lyrics addicting. - Lynn in Northern Cal

Your music makes me so happy! I have both cd's and love them. Thanks for touching my life. - Terri from Chicago


Come On
Believe It



Erin McCabe
Indiana born, Colorado grown and Kansas City polished, singer-songwriter Erin McCabe hit the road in 2005 with her soul-filled music. After two years and seeming endless miles touring from coast to coast, McCabe has settled in the garden state just outside of NYC.
McCabe’s refreshing approach and remarkable vocals define her truly unique style. Each song has a different flavor and an emotional depth that decidedly gets your attention.
Weaving together the realms of the secular and the sacred in coffee shops, local hot spots and Unity Centers-McCabe inspires listeners with a unique blend of passion, intrigue and spirit.
When trying to pin down just who Erin McCabe sounds like, most say she has a sound that is all her own.
More of the story...After picking up the guitar one summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, McCabe making music. Her road led back to Colorado where she continued writing and began frequenting open-mic nights.
She had a short stint with a Denver based band before heading off to Kansas City.
While a full-time graduate student at Unity Institute in KC, McCabe released two albums. ‘Come On’ was recorded in Denver with the excellent talent and creativity of the band Soda Wagon. The cd was co-produced with Santa Monica based solo artist, Jake Hamilton. Her second cd, ‘Believe It,’ was an amazing spiritual endeavor merging her musical talents with the expertise of recording engineer and musician Ken Rinehart. They are currently working on a third album to be released soon.