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A Little Dirt’ll Do You Good

Written By: Erin Mooney

Baby's on the floor putting things in his mouth
There goes a clump of fur from the cat
his mama needs to calm down and stop her shouting
and get acquainted with the facts
without any germs his body won't learn
how to respond to attack

Dirt, a little dirt, a little dirt'll do you good
Dirt, dirt, a little dirt'll do you good
So roll up your sleeves and dig in
you ain't living if you stay too clean
and only do what you should
a little dirt'll do you good

I haven't showered yet but I can still be fresh
yeah sterile's for an operating room
and a little nasty talk can be just the spark
to get us both in the mood
If cleanliness is next to godliness
why did He make us from ...

Repeat Chorus

There's no escape
Might as well face it
Might as well give in
Might as well embrace it

Repeat Chorus