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The best kept secret in music


"Pipe Dreams"

From "Pipe Dreams" in Back Stage West
By Nicole Kristal

Independent Spirit

Some singers prefer to focus the majority of their energy into their original material. Singer/songwriter Erinn Williams has played her original songs in the L.A. club circuit for the last six years. Williams, who has been singing for 12 years, studied opera at the college level before admitting to herself she felt restricted by the style.

"Opera is classical and it's beautiful, and in a way it's like acting because you're interpreting a character. But you have to fit within a certain framework, and the technique has to be exactly the same as everyone else's. There's not a lot of room for interpretation," said Williams, whose alternative rock sound could be likened to a cross between Tori Amos and P.J. Harvey. "The singer/songwriting thing is more free, and you can actually express your voice and have something to say."

After moving to L.A. Williams collaborated with a sound engineer to write songs. She also altered her voice by learning to sing through her mid-range like most rock singers. Since then she's honed her songwriting skills by layering poetic lyrics atop powerful guitar lines, many of which are her own creation. Her dedication has paid off. Williams has performed at such coveted venues as The Whiskey, The Roxy, and The Mint. The FX Network recently licensed one of her songs to appear on an episode of The Shield. Williams also performed on Ed McMahon's TV Show, Next Big Star.

Despite these successes and that she recently placed highly in a national songwriting competition, Williams still maintains three part-time jobs to cover her expenses. When her singing does produce some revenue, she invests it back into her craft, buying gear or studio time. Aside from promoting herself as a singer/songwriter, Williams has provided vocals for a number of sessions and a Coca-Cola Commercial.

The business aspect of the music business has posed the biggest challenge for Williams, who signed a record deal only to learn that producers intended to transform her into a Britney Spears-Style pop star. After the deal fell through, Williams reinvested her energy into songwriting.

"One of the biggest challenges is keeping your head up and keeping trucking along because you have to be out performing," she said. "You constantly have to be out there to get feedback and inspiration for yourself - because, if not, you can easily disappear." - Back Stage West

"Fiery Spirit"

From The Missoulian

She studied opera in Missoula, her home town, and the University of Southern California, has sung in Europe and on TV (a Coca-Cola commercial); Stuart Copeland’s "Breaking News"; has a new album out (, and is back in town to play an acoustic show at the Blue heron. Welcome back Erinn Williams! What this Hellgate High alum brings, besides a promising career, is a set of sultry-lilting-haunting-throaty pipes and original songs that rock, dance, contemplate and mourn and meander. The show starts at 5 and the cover is $5.

From The Missoulian

Fiery Spirit

Spunk, strength and originality are the powers that push Erinn Williams’ new CD "Revolution" into the land of "must buy." Williams, a Missoula native, has pursued her musical career with determination and skill. With a background in opera singing, and a fiery spirit that cascades out of her music, Williams leaves the mind reeling. There is nothing reserved about "Revolution." Each song springs out of its creator with a vitality that surrounds the listener in abundance.

Led by Williams’ diverse voice, "Revolution" both rocks hard and floats mystically. She pushes herself to the hardest intensity then lifts into a higher register to a clear haunting sound. Musically, "Revolution" is well rounded. Williams uses all electric instruments in some songs, and acoustic in others. She incorporates electronica, and even covers a classical choral piece accompanied by her won lyrics and melody. This album is a courageous, straightforward piece of art. Anyone who enjoys Portishead, Patti Smith, Melissa Ferrick, Liz Phair, or P.J. Harvey, or just loves straight-up badass music - get this album. Also check out Williams tonight, Thursday, Jan.3, at the Blue Heron. - The Missoulian

"The Delicacy of Rage"

Erinn Williams
The delicacy of rage
by Ryan Heinsius

The delicacy with which women project their rage and emotion is a significant leap from the masculine point of view. It is rare when any artist can channel her energy into a cohesive and understandable framework, but this is precisely what L.A. singer/songwriter Erinn Williams does.
She is a classically trained opera singer, but Williams turned her back on the style after becoming frustrated with the creative limitations that were inherent.
"Opera is classical and it's beautiful, and in a whay it's like acting because you're interpreting a character," she says. "But you have to fit within a certain framework, and the technique has to be exactly the smae as everone else's. There's not a lot of room for interpretation."
Her tunes have a distinctive edge to them. On "The Battle," Williams begins with sharp vocals akin to the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde. Most of Williams' songs bridge the gap between retro and ultra modern with an operatic, angelic range riding on top of abrasive guitar-driven sounds. Many of her recorded moments recall Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, with a similar mix of traditional and avant garde.
Living the L.A. music scene has been a challenge for Williams, who has resested the push from major record labels to join the ranks of teen pop. A record deal recently fell apart after she came to the realization that she would have been marketed with this image. But for now, she is going at it independently, working several jobs to keep her music going on her terms.
Opening for Williams will be Virginia alt country twangers Meanflower.
Williams will be performing a the Hotel Monte Vista Lounge, 100 N. San Francisco, on Fri. Sept. 26 (2003). The music will get started around 9 p.m. For more information, call the Monte V at 779-2904. - Flagstaff Live


"Digging in the Dirt" Album
"Damsel with a 6 Gun", Demo CD
"Revolution", Album


Feeling a bit camera shy


With a background in opera singing, and a "fiery spirit" which cascades out of her music, singer/songwriter Erinn Williams will leave your mind reeling. After receiving a Dean's Scholarship to study voice at the University of Southern California, Erinn decided that a move to Los Angeles would only bring her closer to realizing her dreams.

This "Independent Spirit" as an article in Backstage West (May 2002) called her, has pursued her career with determination and skill. Erinn has performed with her band at such coveted venues as The Whiskey, The Knitting Factory Main Stage, The Roxy, and The Mint, for the past 3 years. F.X. Network recently licensed her song "I am King" to appear on an episode of The Shield, (aired May, 02). Erinn studied songwiting with Phil Swann (Staff Writer for Dreamworks), and is currently studying with Harriet Schock ("Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady").

Erinn placed second in the "Chick Singer Night" National Songwriting Competition, with her song, "Revolution." In the fall of 2001 Erinn and her band were flown to Las Vegas to perform on Ed McMahon's TV Show, Next Big Star (PAX Network). Erinn has worked with such renowned producers as, Paul Ebersold (Spacehog, and Three Doors Down), and Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, and Alien Ant Farm). Jim Wirt recently produced Erinn's latest demo CD, "Damsel with a 6 Gun", which is now available at Aomeba Records in Hollywood, Rhino Records in Westwood, and Sea Level Records in Silver Lake, CA.

Aside from promoting herself as a singer/songwriter, Erinn has written both opera and rock music for the Independent film Mad Song. She sang opera around the word in an industrial showcase for the Wella Corporation. Erinn also sang opera in a national Coca-Cola commercial (Directed by Samuel Bair), and has cowritten and performed songs that have appeared on MTV (The Making of a Playboy Model).

Erinn's "alternative rock sound could be likened to a cross between Tori Amos and PJ Harvey" as stated in Backstage West. She has also been referred to as a distant cousin of Kate Bush." Look out for her live shows in Los Angeles, and listen to her music at Her CD, "Damsel with a 6 Gun" is available on the website and at her shows. Her full length album "Digging in the Dirt" will be released in 2006. A 5 song prerelease is available at:, and at her shows.