Erin Slater

Erin Slater


A Melodic mix of simplicity, sincerity and honesty delivered with strong dose of tenacity.


i was handed a $100 dollar guitar at the age of 22 and told to learn how to play it. i'm still learning but i kept my promise and here i am...the songs come from the spaces inbetween the learning. i've taken varied excursions thru all styles of music but i'd have to say my heart resides in the soul of classic rock, the stones, van morrison and all other rock gods before me. As far as female artists go, i made my first homemade t-shirt at the age of 12 of the sugarcubes, bjorks' first band, then there was belly, soisxie and the banshees and the 10,000 maniacs. thanks to these women i survived junior high. And i'd have to say patty griffin ranks high on my list of those i worship. But, i'm glad to see the kids growing out their hair again and gettin back to some good old rock n roll. i think that the simplicity and honesty in my work will stand out amidst a world of bullshit and glam girls. so there!


none to speak of...YET!

Set List

a typical set list is atypical. i never play the same set twice. i try to mix it up a bit and a lot of times i leave it to pure improvisation...depends on what kind of mood i'm in. And i can do a MEAN 'Don't Think Twice It's Alright' (dylan)