Erin Woods

Erin Woods

 Houston, Texas, USA

As an advisor among friends, Erin has heard and lived the common stories of love and heartbreak, of confidence and self-harm, of hope and fear. These stories, have lead to an outpouring of songs of faith and songs of struggle. Songs that remind you of the beauty found at both ends of the spectrum.


Music has been coursing through Erin's veins since childhood. After years of refusing to practice the piano, she gladly picked up the guitar as a teenager and immediately began to pair her love of poetry with her new found love for the guitar. She began to share her music in high school, occasionally performing an original song at school or church. Over the high school and college years, more and more songs poured out of Erin's heart.

After deciding to try her hand at an actual gig at a coffee shop, people began to ask when she was going to record an album. So, Erin decided the time had come and after some fun and hard work, Unraveled was released. This freshman album is a selection of songs from a span of 8 years that collectively tell the story of a girl who has wrestled with finding identity, freedom, and truth. It is the story of a girl who has discovered as much beauty in life's struggles as in the victories.

**Erin Woods is available for bookings at camps, coffee shops, churches, festivals, schools, restaurants, parties or wherever people of all ages gather. She is available as a solo act, as a duo (guitar and keyboard), trio (guitar, keyboard, percussion) or with her full-band that includes keyboard, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and viola.


Erin's first project, Unraveled, is the culmination of several years of songwriting. This album is packed full with the talents of Houston musicians Chad Martin, Isaias Gil, Everitt Lang, Meredith Harris and Chris Cullins who also engineered the project. Erin's brother, Seth Woods is featured on the album as well. Seth currently resides in New Mexico and records under the name "The Whiskey Priest".

This debut album from Erin Woods takes you on a journey through the heart and soul of a singer and songwriter who was born to express herself as an artist. Unraveled is filled with authentic lyrics and straightforward melodies. The future looks bright for this up and coming singer/songwriter.