Erkan Ogur
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Erkan Ogur

İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey | INDIE

İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey | INDIE
Band Folk Soul


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Erkan Ogur Discography

Early works and collaborations
? 1982 - Istanbul'da Bir Amerikali
? 1983 - Perdesiz Gitarda Arayislar - small-distribution cassette

Soundtrack albums and collaborations (by film date)
? 1989 - Sis OST - Zülfü Livaneli film soundtrack
? 1996 - Eskiya OST (The Bandit) - with Askin Arsunan, Yavuz Turgul film Eskiya soundtrack (Kalan, released 2000)
? 2003 - Yazi Tura OST - Ugur Yücel film soundtrack, (Kalan, released 2005)

Solo and collaboration albums
? 1993 - Fretless (Feuer und Eis)
? 1996 - Bir Ömürlük Misafir - reworked reissue of Fretless (Kalan)
? 1998 - Gülün Kokusu Vardi - with Ismail Hakki Demircioglu (Kalan)
? 1999 - Hiç ("Nothing") - with Okan Murat Öztürk (Kalan)
? 2000 - Anadolu Besik - with Ismail Hakki Demircioglu (Kalan)
? 2001 - Fuad - with Djivan Gasparyan
? 2006 - Telvin - in Telvin trio
? 2007 - The Istanbul Connection

Featured on albums
? 1989 - Mideast/Midwest - recording of live performance with Robert 'One-Man' Johnson
? 1995 - The Other Side of Turkey - compilation, includes Ogur (Feuer und Eis)
? 2004 - Pervane ("Moth") by Yansimalar - studio album, Ogur on four tracks (Kalan)



Erkan Ogur is a pioneer of the fretless guitar who has has mesmerized music lovers for the past 30 years since he designed and built his very first fretless classical guitar in 1976. His unique sound combines ethnic folk music and traditional Turkish themes with rock, blues and contemporary jazz. Erkan plays traditional lutes and various types of guitar, acoustic and electric, fretted and fretless, all with the same sense of perfectionism.

Erkan Ogur built his own fretless guitar to be able to obtain Turkish melodies within the Turkish musical system. He has also invented a Baglama, a traditional ethnic instrument, with six double or single strings; and a doublesided Baglama, with two different tunings. He also uses an e-bow, a magnetized bowing device that can produce a variety of sounds reminiscent of the complex makam system.

Ogur released his first album Arayislar("Searches") in Germany in1983 . In 1989, he went to the U.S. to work with numerous local blues artists where he had the chance to introduce the fretless guitar into blues. His third album Bir Ömürlük Misafir ("A Lifetime Guest") was ranked 4th in the European list in 1994.

His soundtrack for the 2004 movie Yazi Tura by Ugur Yücel won two awards: the 2004 Golden Orange for Best Music at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, and the 2005 award for Best Music at the Ankara International Film Festival.

Ogur has worked with international names like Robert Johnson, Djivan Gasperyan, Peter Murphy, Dick de Graaf, Ruben van Rumpaey, Joost Kron, Bülent Ortaçgil, Fikret Kizilok, Mikail Arslan, Derya Türkan and others on different projects. He has recorded tens of albums and collaborated to thousands of records.