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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Antalya set for summer of jazz with 2 festivals"

Antalya will be home to not just one but two jazz festivals this summer, as the Mediterranean resort city will be hosting a six-day program of jazz concerts later this month at its Antalya Cultural Center (AKM) and another for five days in July at the Aspendos ancient theater, the Anatolia news agency reported on Wednesday.

This month’s Antalya Jazz Festival, organized by the Greater Antalya Municipality, will run June 21-26 at the AKM, mostly featuring performances by Turkish acts, including Okay Temiz, the Sarp Maden Quartet, the Feyza Eren Quartet and the Sibel Köse Quartet, among others. The program will get under way with a concert by famous fretless guitar player Erkan Ogur and his Telvin trio. Admission to all concerts on the program will be free of charge, but invitations will be required, Anatolia reported. Invitations are available at the AKM ticket desk.

Next month’s First Antalya International Jazz Festival, a joint effort by the Antalya Governor’s Office and the Mediterranean Union of Hotel Owners (AKTOB), will run July 20-24 with concerts at Aspendos, Anatolia said. The lineup for the festival has yet to be announced. - Today's Zaman

"Aynur, Erkan Ogur, Kirike and Rembetiko"

Istanbul is a European Capital of Culture for 2010 and Moshe Morad continues his search for traditional music in this melting-pot of peoples and cultures. Including a session recorded at Istanbul's most iconic music venue, Babylon, with one of Turkey's most important Kurdish voices, Aynur. Plus a session with the virtuosic multi-instrumentalist Erkan Ogur, and a visit to the Aegean city of Izmir, the birth-place of Rembetiko.
Moshe Morad explores Istanbul’s rich musical mix and records sessions with many of Turkey's top musicians - from the country's most famous Kurdish voice (Aynur), and the sublime guitar playing of Erkan Ogur, to the wonderful sound of oud and kamanche with Yurdal Tokcan and Derya Turkan. Moshe learns about some of Turkey's best-loved traditional instruments such as the kamanche and the saz, hears the stories behind the music, and finds out from the people who live there what Istanbul means to them. Amongst them, he meets record executive Hasan Saltik, who set-up and runs the Kalan label, and who was sent to jail on more than one occasion for his love of minority musics. Moshe also travels the short distance to the Aegean coast where he records one type of music that has stayed in its original home rather than emigrate to Istanbul: Rembetiko.
Presented by Moshe Morad
Produced by James Parkin - BBC Radio

"The oud couple"

The Mosaïques concert (Théâtre Corona, Nov. 11, 8 p.m., $25) is a meeting of two fretless guitar players, Erkan Ogur from Turkey and Lubo Alexandrov from Bulgaria, and true to its name, the show reflects fragments of Balkan, Gypsy, Arab, Turkish and even Indian music. - Festival du Monde Arabe

"Erkan Ogur"

"Everybody should do some music, every creature and every material has the music inside, it's its energy; music is actually very easy, there's nothing to it, and everybody should search for his own." Erkan Ogur - Roots World


Early works and collaborations
? 1982 - Istanbul'da Bir Amerikali
? 1983 - Perdesiz Gitarda Arayislar - small-distribution cassette

Soundtrack albums and collaborations (by film date)
? 1989 - Sis OST - Zülfü Livaneli film soundtrack
? 1996 - Eskiya OST (The Bandit) - with Askin Arsunan, Yavuz Turgul film Eskiya soundtrack (Kalan, released 2000)
? 2003 - Yazi Tura OST - Ugur Yücel film soundtrack, (Kalan, released 2005)

Solo and collaboration albums
? 1993 - Fretless (Feuer und Eis)
? 1996 - Bir Ömürlük Misafir - reworked reissue of Fretless (Kalan)
? 1998 - Gülün Kokusu Vardi - with Ismail Hakki Demircioglu (Kalan)
? 1999 - Hiç ("Nothing") - with Okan Murat Öztürk (Kalan)
? 2000 - Anadolu Besik - with Ismail Hakki Demircioglu (Kalan)
? 2001 - Fuad - with Djivan Gasparyan
? 2006 - Telvin - in Telvin trio
? 2007 - The Istanbul Connection

Featured on albums
? 1989 - Mideast/Midwest - recording of live performance with Robert 'One-Man' Johnson
? 1995 - The Other Side of Turkey - compilation, includes Ogur (Feuer und Eis)
? 2004 - Pervane ("Moth") by Yansimalar - studio album, Ogur on four tracks (Kalan)



Telvin is an Anatolian band that places a mixture of ethnic folk music and traditional Turkish themes at the heart of its sound. The band brings together traditional folk music with rock, blues and contemporary jazz genres in an extraordinary musical experiment that produces a magical and unique Anatolian Blues and Jazz sound. There is a vibrant inspiration from European jazz with a deep impact of 1970s rock and jazz fusion. Each musician’s individual skills and passion have been distilled and melded into the band’s composition. This individualism combined with virtuoso technique has helped the band members create their very own unique sound.

Literally Telvin means changing colors but it is used to express the change of the state of consciousness in Sufi philosophy. However, it has been chosen by Erkan Ogur, Turgut Alp Bekoglu and Ilkin Deniz to name their journey together.

Telvin strated its journey in 1995 in Istanbul. Besides their popularity within the Jazz and Blues scene in Turkey, the trio was greatly appreciated during its early international appearances in Houston and New Orleans. After a period of playing together the band started featuring numerous talented musicians who played traditional folk instruments. These features have greatly inspired the band to combine traditional folk music and jazz. Enriched by diversified improvisations, these features have created a magical tone that filled the gaps between traditional folk and contemporary jazz music.

After years of hard work; long studio nights and many concerts, Telvin released their first album that had the same name as the band. Telvin is a band that has succeeded in bringing together the music of this geography and its deep heritage with jazz music, and has captivated a huge audience during its performances. The success of Erkan Ogur not only on fretless guitar but also with traditional string instruments is evident in the album.