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Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
Band Rock Gothic


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Erlkönig - ICH WILL DICH (CD)



The history of the band Erlkönig is told rather quickly: there is none. That is to say, Armin B. (“A. B.”) Weber, Holger L. Stoehr and Detta Herm all have a background in music – and very long ones, at that. The three played in many bands, and partook in many music projects over the years. They were in all sorts of bands – some allowed them to pursue their type of music specifically, some didn't. But that's all over now! The only thing that counts for these three going forward is “her majesty, the Erlkönig”.

So, as mentioned, there's no history of Erlkönig - yet! But history will write itself quickly here in the coming years, thanks to the many devoted fans. The young, fresh, exciting group known as Erlkönig - music's new royalty - is in the process of spreading its wings, seeking to conquer the music world fay beyond just Germany.

Instead of worrying about a storied past, look at the here and now - you are in the unique position of experiencing the birth of a new band, a new style - perhaps even a whole new genre - of music: rock´n´jungle. Sometimes, the musicians will call it jungle rock – a novel musical concept based in both jungle drum´n ´bass, and hard and heavy. The truly remarkable privilege of being an Erlkönig fan is being witness to inventors performing their craft precisely as envisioned – theory and practice harmonize perfectly, as they only very rarely do.

The idea behind this novel concept is as simple as it is effective: guitarist Holger L. Stoehr unleashes heavy guitar riffs and his deep, encompassing vocals on top of A. B. Weber´s jungle-influenced drumming and accompanying bass lines.
What's more, unlike so many other bands these days, Erlkoenig displays a deep commitment to melody – this is clearly evident in both the refrain and the instrumental harmonic progression.