Ermine Coat

Ermine Coat


Art-damaged post-punk lo-fi scuzz-pop. Guided by Voices playing in a wind tunnel? Elvis Presley meets The Homosexuals? Tightly wound, nervous, bent, dissonant, etc. Songs whirr by whip-fast, hooky and strange. No <3 songs.


Ermine Coat began life in mid-2010 as a solo home recording project, building askew, in-the-red pop songs out of household percussion and a range of neuroses. Occasional outings were made for live, improvised karaoke performances that ranged from the drunken to the bizarre. Ever restless, 2011 has seen the project add members and take the shape of an experimental, uniquely dissonant garage band that has quickly developed an enthusiastic following. Live shows have garnered comparisons to bands like Guided by Voices, Laughing Clowns and Pavement, blending distinctive, intelligent pop songcraft with discordant, unpredictable arrangements. LP, a collection of home recordings, has sold out a run of a hundred individual handmade CD-Rs, and the TERROR FRACTALS EP has recently received significant airplay on RTRFM on the Out to Lunch and Posted programs. An EP of recordings with the full band line-up is nearing completion, and another album of home recordings will see release early in 2012.


March 2011: LP
August 2011: Terror Fractals EP