"They strap pop to soundscapes and launch the resulting sound off into the ether. They twist rock through funk and watch the mangled fun explode. They put the whole of music through a blender and come out with some of the most exciting, original tunes that you’ll hear "...Chris Long BBC


“Rock guitar, Funk Bass, Hip Hop breaks and interstellar keyboards. See them I tell you, they’ll blow your mind!”….(Designer Magazine)

“on the cusp of something amazing".. (Chris Long - BBC)

"I haven't seen anything this good since I saw Joy Division for the first time in 1979."....(Strummer Magazine)

While Ian was makin shapes at all night raves on the dockside in Hull, Terry was in a mosh pit somewhere, Lewie was listening to his dads Shadows Records with Jim... hence our sound is completely unique. There is a bit of allsorts in there.

Stuff that we have done and is happening...

We recently contacted Diane Cilento from the original film The Wicker Man who really liked our use of her sampled dialogue and gave us permission to use it in our new tune Crash Tested. She is a lovely lady and gave us an open invitation to play at her outdoor theatre in the Queensland rainforest!!

After having played support shows to The Zutons and Snow Patrol, One of the biggest moments in our bands history was an appearance at the Leeds Carling festival last summer. It was cracking gig and really gave us a taste of hopefully whats round the corner.

Following the Leeds festival appearance we secured a place at Canadian music week and bankrupted ourselves to fund a journey across the pond to hit Toronto with a few live shows.
We made some decent contacts and will be heading back next year for a tour and release.

In between gigging we converted our garage into a studio in which we are recording our forthcoming album. We are Heading to Tokyo in November to play a couple of shows and hopefully secure a licensing deal for our album release. We are already signed to play the forthcoming Havoc TV. (the new HD broadband technology in Japan)

We have some friends who worked on The Corpse Bride for McKinnon and Saunders in manchester and having helped us produce our first video, they are currently working on the puppets and set of our forthcoming releases.


5 Track E.P Pimps b**ches and super heroes...

Current Double A side Puppies/Preggie



BBC Raw Talent,
Viking F.M Sundays Session,
Q.T Radio.

Set List

Original "Ernest" material
Set length is flexible dependent on specific requirements.

Current set list

1 Glidded
2 Stay Calm
3 Puppies
4 Crash Tested
5 Routine
6 Exclamation marked