Ernie Coombs
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Ernie Coombs

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Show Review"

"...Au terme du deuxième tiers de la soirée, les membres d’Ernie Coombs agrippent leurs instruments et ne tardent pas à s’en servir. Leur son beaucoup plus folk que leurs deux prédécesseurs s’inscrit bien dans la tradition rock issue des maritimes. Cependant, ne nous méprenons pas : il s’agit de rock aux teintes folk, et pas l’inverse. Keith Maclean (voix principale et guitare), Denis Mazerolle (guitare et voix), Nicolas Smith (basse, synthétiseurs et voix) et Philippe Drapeau (batterie) ne permettent à personne d’en douter, surtout lorsque leurs moments mélodiques font place à des instants fracassants, qui ne sont pas sans rappeler le punk des années ’80. D’ailleurs, durant certaines chansons, la voix particulière de Maclean s’apparente un peu à celle de Jello Biafra des Dead Kennedys. De longs solos de claviers et de guitares donnent un petit côté jam band à leur son et on ne peut s’empêcher de les imaginer au milieu d’un festival extérieur, en train d’offrir un moment de rock sale à une foule dansant sous les étoiles. Ce qu’on remarque surtout, c’est la maîtrise irréprochable de leur instrument par chaque membre. On a affaire à des habitués, cela s’entend et se voit à chaque chanson, alors que le quatuor semble complètement absorbé dans ses jams tonitruants. Si la foule avait été un peu plus nombreuse, j’aurais certainement parié sur la tenue d’un mosh pit en bonne et due forme." -

"Review - ECEP - Ernie Coombs"

reviewed by Michael Thomas

In short, Ernie Coombs may teach you how to rock again.

Ernie Coombs is not a singer-songwriter, but in fact a young band from Montreal who released ECEP, their second EP, in October of last year. The band seems to favour instrumental jams in between energetic and powerful vocals.

The first song “Call It An Answer” starts off like a rocket right out of the gate. The fast pace of the guitar and bass playing is infectious. It slows down part way through the song and the shouting back and forth between two vocalists is pleasant to hear.

The song “Métier” (French for “job” or “profession”) is a much heavier song with meatier bass and guitar riffs. It chronicles the life of a person who works a dull and uninspiring job, because “no one knows what you’re doing for a living,” the song says.

“I’ll Hide Before You Find” is a sunnier song with less complicated guitar and bass grooves. In this song they at times reminded me of Hollerado in terms of the style of vocal delivery, and I hear the Hollerado in them in a few other songs as well.

“Mailman” shows the band at its most vulnerable. It’s an emotional song about the loss of people, be it lovers or friends. The hook “I saw you walking down Church Street/And you were waving hi to me/But it’s all in my head” should provide enough indication of the sadness of the song.

The EP closes with “Be Frugal” which returns to the upbeat rock sound in the first two songs. It is a much more jam-oriented song with very little vocals present (there are a few lines toward the beginning). The end of the song is a huge extended guitar solo.

Ernie Coombs definitely has a good thing going here, and I imagine their live shows go over well with crowds. I’m curious to see what future recordings will sound like.

Top Track: “Mailman”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good) - Grayowl Point


Do You Think it Would Fall on us - July 2010

ECEP - October 2011

Call it an Answer - October 2011

Split Tape:
White Tape w/Kurvi Tasch - June 2012



The band Ernie Coombs was initially formed in Moncton, New-Brunswick. Keith Maclean(Lead vocals & Guitar) studied in classical music at the Moncton University. He decided to form a band with Denis Mazeroll(Guitar), Phil Drapeau(Drums) and Anthony Lavallé(Bass). They practiced till they found a sound of their own. Ernie Coombs is influenced by bands like Modest Mouse and Deerhoof but with their own twist.

They played several shows in the Maritimes, where they released their debut album in July 2010 called "Do You Think it Would Fall on Us". Two months after, Keith and Denis decided to moved to a bigger city. Where it moves, where the music scene is growing and where they could have a chance. When they arrived in Montreal, they studied and work until Phil Drapeau joined them in the city. That's when their new bass player, Nick Smith, came in the portrait.

Since then, Ernie Coombs played several gigs in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa. They released a new EP in October 2011 called "ECEP" and to support the EP they went on a Maritimes Tour. They currently are working on new songs.