Belly Says

Belly Says

 Utrecht, Utrecht, NLD

Dutch singersongwriter, now playing with band (Belly Says). Released new album (Belly Says) in nov. 2010, distributed by Coast To Coast. Erny Green released 8 albums so far to great critical acclaim and played all over the world.


After intensive touring with Joy Division tribute band ‘Closer To Curtis’ in 2008 and 2009 and the release of his Americana solo album “Heartland Revisited” in 2008, Erny Green decided to pick up the electric guitar again and form a new band. Together with soul mates Walter Wilhelm (bass) and Chris van der Meer (drums), both playing and recording with Erny in “Polgate” between 2000 en 2005, they started of as a trio. They were soon accompanied by keyboard player Thijs Heij

The band started looking for a new approach to the new songs and Thijs seemed to be the perfect eccentric element to the sound. Belly Says was born.

After a year of rehearsing, arranging en recording demo’s, there’s a new, nameless album which release is due in November 2010.

They approached Henk Koorn (Hallo Venray) as their producer for his pure recording style. His old fashioned, thick and analogue sound showed the right direction of how to record the new material. They laid down the tracks in a mainly live setup.

With the same urgency & melancholy as heard in Erny’s earlier works, but now in an electric setup and more up tempo, the result is a classic ‘Indie’ album that reminds us of bands as Wilco or Arcade Fire.

Containing that remarkable feel of anger to the tracks -death, pain, lost love- also Bob Dylan is never far away.


10) Belly Says - Belly Says (Green008) autumn 2010

09) Heartland Revisited - (Green 007) 2008- Plato, The Hague

08) Erny Green -"In a cabin with Erny Green" -2007- The Green Motel

07) Polgate - Scarfish Love on Wings of Mojo Wire (Green 06) - 2005 -Arising Artist

06) Polgate - Slow train to nowhere (Green 05-7300015) - 2003 - Arising Artist

05) Polgate - Captured - E.P. - (Green 004) - 2000 - Monkeyman

04) Polgate - Home on a horse (Green 003) - 2000 - Eigen beheer

03) Erny Green - Expectations (solo-live) (Green 02) - 1997 - Eigen beheer

02) Erny Green's Monkey Nerve - Now is the time (IEME30) - 1995 -Eigen beheer

01) Erny Green - 1992 (Green 01) - 1993 - Eigen beheer