A singer/songwriter with a rock edge, E-Rock draws from many styles to produce catchy acoustic/electric rock with an identifiable sound and hooks that draw people in.

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I am currently selling a 4 song CD, 'Tripping on Shadows.' These songs are also streamed on my own website - www.e-rock-music.com. They are also featured on indie911.com and garageband.com.

Set List

I do a combination of my own songs and covers. I cover many current artists like the Goo Goo dolls, U2 and Green Day. I also do older material with my own style, such as the Cure, Supertramp and Bruce Springsteen.

I do anywhere from 6-8 of my own songs and the rest covers. My typical set it 30-45 minutes depending. I am capable of doing 2 30-45 minute sets in one evening without repeating songs.