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"Las Vegas Mercury"

Date: January 05, 2005
Issue: 25598916

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Erocktica strips rock 'n' roll to its bare essentials

By Newt Briggs

Pink Snow was an unusual child. It wasn't that she was aloof or antisocial; it's just that while all the other girls were babbling about their Barbie Dream Houses, she was fantasizing about her dream breast size--38D--and her dream guitar--a Les Paul Custom.

"I guess I was kind of a weird kid," says Snow, who attended nine years of Catholic school in Cape Cod. "I lived my whole life through Metal Edge magazine and MTV."

Yet Snow quickly surmised that she would not be appeased by the tawdry life of a groupie. She learned as much backstage at a Poison show when she was 14 years old. "I was talking to someone--I think it was Poison's drummer, actually--and I said something like, `This is a lot of fun, but I don't want to be a groupie. I want to go beyond this.' And he told me, `There's only two things in rock `n' roll. You're either in the band, or you're fucking the band.' So I was like, `I guess I'm going to be in the band then.'"

It probably sounded like wishful thinking--particularly to the drummer who was playing fast and loose with Massachusetts' statutory rape laws--but Snow squirreled away her summer wages and bought a drum kit. At 16, she moved across the country to L.A., where she played in a handful of rock bands and stripped at night. Her music career never took off, but she did make a prosperous living in the adult industry. While some might write it off as a classic case of innocence exploited, Snow insists that she retained full control over her lifestyle.

"There's always going to be exploitation in any field--whether it's the adult sex industry or the corporate setting," says Snow. "It has to do with your mindset. Are you a victim or are you empowered by your state? Any day of the week I could have gone back to being a swim teacher or a lifeguard at the YMCA. I chose to take my clothes off and I chose to accept the money and I chose it gladly."

Snow used some of the money for a boob job, and a little more to move to New York and study performing arts. Four years ago, she formed Erocktica--a group she describes as a "theatrical erotic rock band." Combining Snow's dual passions--singing and stripping--Erocktica performs anthemic pop-metal while fostering a gentleman's club atmosphere.

"An Erocktica show can be anything from a tasteful burlesque to a triple-X rock show," Show says. "It all kind of depends on the venue."

Usually, Snow travels with two exotic dancers, who perform--that is, writhe--alongside her. As of New Year's Eve, she wasn't sure what would be in store for Las Vegas, but she knew that at least one lucky audience member would receive the "Pink Prize"--a jackpot that Snow can only deliver behind closed doors.

"We're never absolutely allowed to tell what that is," she says. "It's kind of like a mystery prize that's given out at the end of the show. Once you've won the pink prize, you find out what the prize is that evening. I'll just say that it has to do with audience members and the performers in Erocktica. I can't give away any more than that."

If Snow's songs are any indication, it will no doubt be something wanton and lascivious. Even a quick glance at the titles reveals her central preoccupations: "Dollar a Dance," "Naked," "Porn Star" and "Size Queen." The latter explores Snow's fascination with bulk: "A yellow banana can be so much fun/ But I much prefer the big love gun."

"I think being taken seriously is an oversold concept," she says. "I'm just enjoying life. I don't care if people want to objectify me or turn me into an icon or call me a slut or a groupie or whatever. It really doesn't matter to me. What I do like is that people come out to the shows and have fun and maybe get a little wild. That's fun for me."

- By Newt Briggs

"Penthouse Forum"

"I was mamma's Fallen Angel"

With Pink Snow everything is BIG: Big hair, big boobs, and BIG Personality! Add in a set of Rocking songs, a crop of lithe, bendy naked dancers, whipped cream,games, Twister, and avid audience participation, and you've got your typical Erocktica show! - MaryBeth Quirk

"Classic Rock"

“Pornography and rock n roll in one unholy marriage. It’s not expolitation- it’s freedom of expression!”

"Erocktica's music is very simple, infectiously catchy, sleazy rock n roll." - Brett Callwood





The Story...

Girl’s School . . .

Pink Snow stepped off the bus in Los Angeles, California, thirsty for a taste of the glamorous rock and roll life. Working as a cocktail waitress at the world famous Whiskey A Go Go, she quickly became close friends with some of the hottest rock stars of the late 80’s LA music scene and would never lose her lust for a life in rock and roll. Entering into the adult sex industry, Pink Snow traveled as a feature exotic dancer around the U.S. and began shooting nationally for publications. Later feeling the pressures of a good girl gone bad, she tried to go back to her roots and get an education and function in polite society. After a taste of the glitzy Hollywood wild life, Pink Snow went from limousines and parties to private school drama major in New York City. She attended the prestigious New York once all girl’s school Sarah Lawrence College to study theater and music. She earned a full scholarship to study the dramatic works of Shakespeare in London at Thames University and performed internationally on the classical stage. Upon return to New York however, she was again drawn to the wild life of sex and rock and roll. Overnight, Pink Snow became one of the most notorious sex symbols in the city’s music scene and underground culture.

A once under age exotic dancer, now turned rock queen, Pink Snow is known in New York City as a blonde bombshell, cartoon- like sex icon, musician, actress and adult industry performer. She has been featured on such T.V. show’s as Playboy T.V.’s Sexcetera and Metro TV’s Naked New York, and photographed for such magazines such as Penthouse, Flaunt, Maxim, Arena, Cue, Score, Voluptuous, and Gene Simmon’s Tongue magazine, where she was flown out to LA to host Tongue magazine’s release party for the Hollywood elite. Now finally, she puts her sexual energy into action on stage as rock goddess of EROCKTICA. EROCKTICA is the final culmination of years of musical and theater training, immense experience living in the world of rock and roll, and an involved history in the adult sex industry brought to life on stage. Born of millennial chaos in our times of sexual awareness, EROCKTICA was formed to prove once and for all: SEX SELLS.
Building of a Supergroup. . .

Formerly known as PORN ROCK in the United States and EROCKTICA in Europe, the band changed their name officially to EROCKTICA as of January 2004 due to the overwhelming response the band received as EROCKTICA both in Europe and worldwide.

EROCKTICA made their first trip over to Europe in summer 2002. Brought over by the Bold Brothers Agency to tour Holland, EROCKTICA performed for over 3,000 people at the Oerkracht Festival on their first European tour. Originating from New York City, the band performed their first full live show in 2000 at the legendary East Village club CBGB’s, whose historical stage has been graced by the Ramones, the Plasmatics, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett and Blondie. From then on they built a loyal world following in the United States from Boston to Miami and New York to LA, and subsequently in Europe from Helsinki to Milan and Barcelona to Amsterdam -shocking crowds with their wild antics and pleasing with their entertaining brand of rock and roll.

EROCKTICA has performed at events in the United States such as, Mondo Porno in New York City, the EAT-M Convention in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand, and the legendary Coney Island Sideshow. In Canada EROCKTICA played at the North by North East Convention- NXNE, and lead vocalist spoke on a panel at the convention on international touring artists.

In Europe they have headlined erotic conventions for thousands of fans such as EXTASIA in Zurich, Switzerland and EROTS in Riga, Latvia. The band has also opened for such known hard rock acts as Warrant, LA Guns, Faster Pussycat, Poison’s CC Deville and Satanicide. Notorious celebrities such as Moby, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Lemmy of Motorhead and the legendary Jayne County are only a few among the throngs of devoted fans, participants and artists who follow the group.

EROCKTICA had made friends and fans all over the United States with their musical erotic spectacle before becoming an international act. In fall 2003 the band went back to Europe on their second tour and due to the success of that tour, EROCKTICA teamed up with PJB ENTERPRISES based in Vasa, Finland. In December 2003 EROCKTICA returned to Finland and recorded their first full length album, Porn Again, that contains such erotically charged originals as “Naked”, “Ice Cream” and “38D.” EROCKTICA worked diligently with their European partners at PJB and the Bold Brothers to build a mass sensation in Europe, and In 2006 teamed up with the Azzardato Agency in the Netherlands.

EROCKTICA has now charged into 2007 with full force and have branded the world with sex and rock n Having recorded their new album, Second Cuming last August again in Vasa, Finland, and mastered it in the USA at famed Frankford