Eron Falbo

Eron Falbo

 London, England, GBR
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Eron Falbo is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and novelist whose consummate use of the English language and exquisite musical knowledge attracted the attention of producer Bob Johnston, who deems him worthy of competition with other artists he recorded, such as Dylan, Cohen and Simon & Garfunkel.


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His songs haven't even been officially released yet and fans all over the internet are raving with daily skyrocketing increases in his internet buzz.

"Eron Falbo spent his youth traveling the world, writing and playing music wherever he went. At age 24 he caught the attention of veteran producer Bob Johnston, who invited him to record his songs in the Dark Horse Recording Studios in Nashville, TN (familiar to many legends of the industry). His debut album will be released in the second quarter of 2010. Some teaser versions of his unreleased debut are available online and fans have already taken him to the top 100 in the world for his genre at Reverb Nation. He is listed among the hottest stars in the world there and his music has only been available for one week. His songwriting craftsmanship has been compared by industry experts to legends Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Simon & Garfunkel... and many others! Along with his album he intends on publishing his first novel and by the end of the year yet another album and novel."


A Baby Step of Faith

Written By: Eron Falbo

As I walk into the room,
I see the men are all well groomed
I see the women love to rock,
I see heaven in a box.
And as I approach the jury
And I try to hide my worry,
Turn my back onto my cause
And their eyes provide applause.

And then I know I ain’t where Im supposed to be
But I can see the gate,
It is far but I can see,
So I begin to take
A baby-step of faith.

I consult the local deejay
We discuss the yankee highways,
Says the Beatles bring him down
But he just loves the Velvet Underground.
I approach the beauty scene queen
Dancing moves I've never seen
Says "I can do what I want"
as I confront her with some fun.

She says "wait, I cannot follow you my dear,
Unless you know what to fake."
The softest falseness falls upon her ears
As I say "But I'm no rake!"
A baby-step of faith.

“How much for gin and whiskey?
Since the tonic makes me frisky
And I don't wanna be here,
when the host runs out of beer.
I could stay until the morning
But tomorrow I'd be sorry
I would vow and I'd pretend
that I would never drink again

And if I would never drink
How could I be here in the first place
The first shot I ever had made got me high
And I started to take
A baby-step of faith”

There are things we do not know
Like the raven is a crow,
And a bible is just books
Put together with a hook.
And what seems to be the end
Comes smiling like a friend,
Like the lawyer's polished shoes
Designed to give bad news.

But still we are mistaken
When we plan the paths to take.
For God has not forsaken man
If she has made
A baby-step of faith.

Sacagawea's Son

Written By: Eron Falbo

You know I'm walking down the street,
Just trying to make ends meet.
For so long time I've tried to find
To finally just realise It's true,
I'm the one who's a fool.
But I will pick a fight with you
In a thousand avenues.
So meet me at noon,
Beneath the devil's scorching sun.
Yes, I am the buffoon,
But still you better bring your gun.

Sacagawea's Son
Sacagawea, Sacagawea's Son

Sixshooter in my belt
With the cards that I was dealt
Well I could be bluffing, but there's nothing
That could stand in my way
'Cause, I could draw a straight
And in a derelict ship
I can still enjoy the trip.
Like a woman's slip
Before corruption by her dress,
The master's whip
Without his slave would have nothing to suppress.

Sacagawea's Son
Sacagawea, Sacagawea's Son

Just do whatever you want,
And you can do it with flaunt.
Think you can't afford the price,
But if only you expand your mind,
You'll find that no one really minds.
That though the boss don't say,
There's more than just one way,
For you to pay
The price of your well-earned autonomy
And “that'll be the day!”
Say all the mice, whose vices need astrology.

Sacagawea's Son
Sacagawea, Sacagawea's Son

So meet me at noon
Beneath the scorching sun
Yes, I'm the buffoon
But still you better bring your guns.

Sacagawea's Son
Sacagawea, Sacagawea's Son

I'll See You Again

Written By: Eron Falbo

In a battle of words
That I thought were absurd
At the time.
You gave me your hand
And said you'd understand
You were not mine.

A lie from your mouth,
But the truth from your tongue
I see birds flying south,
It's from the winter that they run
Not from a friend...
I'll see you again

You sat inside my home
And I offered you a lonesome
Time with me.
Yet again you chose to speak
But I think you were too weak
For destiny.

A lie in the air
But the truth inside our minds
As I struggled to compare
Your enigmatic signs
You continued to contend
But I'll see you again.

And then that treacherous smile
That would keep a boy beguiled
For his whole life,
Has made me a rose's thorn,
It has warmed for me
The butter of my knife.

It has made me a man
Who can love you all the same.
With the serpent you have danced
But I know you are not to blame.
You have been sent...
I'll see you again

Your defense was for love
For there is nothing above
But a trap.
Your defense is the fence
That I sense will commence
To collapse.

When I put on the mask
That you’ve taught us all to wear
Without words you'll be at last.
With that innocent stare,
You'll still pretend,
And I'll still see you again.

In a battle of words
the coward came in third
In a race of two.
Yes, retired in chamber
Like some Joseph with no manger
He would drool.

A lie from his mouth
but the truth from his tongue
I see the birds flying south,
It's from the winter that they run
Not from a friend...

Any Fool a Man (If You Ain't Special)

Written By: Eron Falbo

If you ain't special, baby,
Then everything's the same.
Oh, if you ain't special, momma,
Then everything's the same.
For the way you made me feel,
You'd make any fool a man.

I was riding home one morning
After kissing you goodnight,
Feeling like an ancient warrior
Waltzing from the fight.
Singing “woo wee,
You should see the other guy”.
For if he ain't got you, woman,
He ain't done nothin' right.

If you ain't special, then everything's the same.

I know I only met you yesterday,
I know I ain't got no clue.
I know I'm probably believing, babe,
In nothing, nothing but your silly hairdo.
But I do believe I know a thing or two about a woman,
And that's exactly what I call you.

Oh if you ain't special, babe,
Then everything's the same.
Yes, if you ain't special, momma,
Then everything's the same.
For the way you made me feel,
You'd make any fool a man.

I Want It All

Written By: Eron Falbo

I want priests to become so unholy
That they'd never dare preach to themselves.
I want kids to know Gods from the stories
Outside books in the outdated shelves.
I want drunkards to give up their drinking
For a taste of my pitcher of wine.
I want to take away your daughter's virginity,
So that you'll never forsaken your wife.

I want it all,
From barbarians to greeks,
I want it all.
For the timid mute will speak.
Like underwater mountain peaks
He seeks it all.

I want Hitler to cry in a funeral
Whose inheritance would pay all his debts.
I want Jesus to drown in that water
So that you can be the saviour instead.

I want warriors to learn how to run
And be proud of the battle not fought.
I want the pope down in Nouveau Orleans
Digging the blues and all that he should have not.

I wan't it all,
So return his golden wings.
I want it all,
For the devil spawns will sing
To forgive their holy angel king,
our link to it all.

Now, of the universe, we do know quite a bit.
It is we who are spinning 'round the sun.
And the earth she's a sphere in an orbit,
And she couldn't even if she tried to run.

But the telescope has told us to measure
What the microscope begins to explain.
I want rivers drifting off from our deserts,
Only to bathe them again with the rain.

I want it all,
For the gambling man will win.
I want it all.
And the preacher has to sin
To keep more for his kin.
No, he can't win, for he's chosen just a bit.
In his mountain he will sit
Like the holy humble hypocrite,
I want it all.

In the Name

Written By: Eron Falbo

Little George got out his toy chest
To lay his enemies to rest.
He'd use all available assets,
But his private chamber of gas.
And he had nothing to hide, he has often said,
But he just could not afford to lose his daddy's bet.
“But it was all in the name of freedom,
In the name of the garden of Eden
It was all in the name of freedom,
So don't fret!”

And the man in the runic uniform,
Who had a daddy and a mom,
Had imagined a world of free men
Like a Spartan chicken's den.
He could not allow the volkslied to forget
That they once wore pointed horns in golden hats.
“But it was all in the name of freedom...”
In the name of the race of Sweden
“...It was all in the name of freedom,
So don't fret!”

Yes there's a silly golden bathrobe
Enveloped around some pope.
He will teach against the sinner,
Against the pornographic winners.
He will poison you with sermons 'til you ask.
For the antidote he'll hang behind your mask.
“But it's all in the name of salvation...”
In the name of your donation
“... It's all in the name of salvation,
So relax!”

Yes allah has brought Muhammad.
"Finally" the harvard man, said.
"He will save us from our women
And from the jewish deadly tumor.
But don't you celebrate, my son, not so fast
This may just have to be that deadly task
But it's all in the name of salvation..."
And of psychic masturbation
“...It's all in the name of salvation,
So relax!”

And the fat man has finally mastered
The mathematics of disaster.
Now, he'll look just like a martyr
And he acts just like a father.
But the day will come when he will knock upon your room
Saying: "this belongs to me, you'll have to leave it soon.”
“But it's all in the name of the economy,
And of stable matrimony
It's all in the name of the economy
So be cool!”

Yes the painter has been outnumbered
By the critics he has plundered,
His payola funds depleted
By the banker he has greeted.
He says "I can't compete with the photographic tools"
So he paints a thousand portraits without a muse
“But it's all in the name of the economy...”
And of luxuries and gastronomy
“...Yeah, it's all in the name of the economy
Don't lose your cool!”

Only Me Too

Written By: Eron Falbo

Sleep blind child and dream of the day
At the end of the night,
When sight will come your way.

It may be hard to open those big eyes,
For you are sunken deep
In sleeping all your life.

But one day you'll look at those clouds
Awake, just not knowing how
I ever cried for you,
When you had only me too.

I don’t know why you do the things you do,
How you say you don’t know why
You gotta try to keep your cool.

But one day you'll look at that sky
Awake, just not knowing why
You ever cried at all,
When you had only me too.

Let the Rain Fall

Written By: Eron Falbo, music by Jorge Ben

Let the Rain Fall
Let the Rain Pour Down

Let the Rain Fall
Let the Rain Pour Down

My Baby's so sweet,
Tanned, with a complexion so fair.
And I cannot let the rain fall,
On her newly straightened blonde hair.

‘Cause It's very beautiful,
So soft it's almost pitiful.
It's pure and it's pretty
Like a flower in a swamp.
Yes she wants for this to seem,
So please, rain, don't be so mean.
This is the way she wants to seem,
So please, please rain, don't be so mean.

Let the Rain Fall
Let the Rain Pour Down

Let the Rain Fall
Let the Rain Pour Down

Yes, my baby’s so sweet,
But I can still feel the odor of the dye.
Yes, my baby’s so sweet
Yet I can see the colour of the lenses in her eyes.

Yes, she looks so beautiful,
So slick it's almost pitiful.
Unnatural and gruesome
Like a flower in a swamp.
Yes I want to strip the doll,
So let the rain, let the rain fall.
Oh yes I want to strip the doll
So let the rain, let it fall.

Let the Rain Fall
Let it all pour down

What I Could've Been

Written By: Eron Falbo

The dangling conversation,
Imaginations of the everlasting strangers,
Complaining of the crimes,
Protesting sighs beyond their non peculiar times:
"Women's rights are misogyny revived,
A brand of slavery just newly contrived"
But I hold no opinion,
Of new confederates losing battles to new unions,
Or new religions slaying children for dominion.
Let me just concentrate on making my first million.
Let me not realise, what I could've foreseen
That I could've been, what I could've been!

The glorious poetic spheres of consciousness
In bayonets and broken corsets
Led me to believe I wouldn't be
All I could be outside the military.
Ah, but i didn't want to fight
For broken empires in disguise,
Nor behind no country.
I wanted siege upon protections of a city,
Become a general before the age of twenty.
Aaah, what a pity!
I could've realised, I should've foreseen!
What I could've been, what I could've been!

Ah, the tolling bells that call the minds
To come and find the answers they'll forget tonight,
The sheer delight, the sight of empty halls,
Grafittied walls of dirty bathroom stalls,
Create the visions in the slumbered stares,
That can prove nothing and can go nowhere.
They will travel alone,
Pointed directions that can never be shown,
But by the many faces masked of the unknown,
And the surrender to the sweet silent tone.
I could've realised! I should've foreseen!
What I could've been, what I could've been

Ah to control the mess of obviousness,
Of the smooth caress and daily stress of princesses,
I'd give my soul to know the cold
Of hands oppressed by promises too old.
Oh, but I could so easily tell,
That my lips kissed the bars of a cell,
Of sweet abundance,
I would abandon for a partner in the dance,
Like an old king protecting borders from the Lanc-
Elot of fear that would forbid that king a chance.
To have realised, to have foreseen...
What he could've been, what I could've been!


Single - A Baby-Step of Faith
Single - Sacagawea's Son
Single - I'll See You Again
LP - Eron Falbo

Set List


A Baby-Step of Faith
Sacagawea's Son
I'll See You Again
Any Fool a Man (If You Ain't Special)
I Want It All
In the Name
Only Me Too
Let the Rain Fall
What I Could've Been


Simon & Garfunkel - You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies
Leonard Cohen - Stranger Song
Bob Dylan - Just Like a Woman

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