Eros And Agape
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Eros And Agape

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative


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IIALI 2011

Eros & Agape Does Hybrid Jeet Kune Do 2011
(The Holy Circus - Single)

Flying Faster is Pointless if You're Going in the Wrong Direction 2011
(A Reason for Love & Lessons - Single)



Sitting in his room at the age of 14, in the town of Fayetteville, North Carolina, Jeremy Riddle made a decision: he was going to be a professional musician. Almost every teenager has fleeting moments of rock & roll stardom that disappear after just a few years in the "real world," but for Jeremy, this decision stuck. Toiling in his parents house, he worked & worked & worked. Initially writing simple songs & attempting to cover the music of his favorite artists, as the years passed, his songwriting ability grew, as did his talent playing the guitar.
As he graduated high school, he began working as a waiter, but he still continued to grow as a musician. Following his work to Texas, he realized it was time to finally put things into gear, and gathered musicians around him to put his project into motion, a project he called: Eros & Agape.
As Eros & Agape slowly formed, the band fleshed out Jeremy's vast library of songs he had been writing since his teenage years, making something that sounded like Radiohead & U2 had a head-on collision with each other, as Incubus stood in the middle, and Claudio Sanchez & Eddie Vedder explained the event to the police. But despite the forward movement, band members were constantly rotating through the band. The only constant member other than Jeremy himself, was his then-girlfriend (later wife) Nicole Jackson who added a new layer to the music with piano & synthesizers.
Frustrated with the musician trouble he was having, and a culture addicted to black tar heroin, Jeremy & Nicole returned to Fayetteville, to be close to family & get their heads clear.
In Fayetteville, they found themselves unable to find musicians they were comfortable playing with, while looking, the two of them recorded in their home what would become, not only the band's first release, but an unprecedented three albums: Does Hybrid Jeet Kune Do, IIALI, and Flying Faster.
At the tail end of the couple's recording sessions in October 2010 they met another married couple interested in playing music together: Seth & Alisha Walter, a bassist & vocalist, respectively. Though Alisha didn't stay due to personal differences, Seth did, and another piece of the puzzle fell into place.
As the trio worked together, they began to audition local drummers. They met some talented people, but never quite found someone who fit.
After a few months of searching they ran across a tall gangly kid named Erik Natvig, who happened to be exactly what they were looking for in a guitarist/percussionist. Such a diverse group of musicians from different musical backgrounds & different schools of thought were able to help bring the eclectic music to life.
With the new members, a clear direction, and a new sense of purpose, the group is finally moving forward with the release of the three albums & gearing up for the stage. At the age of 25, Jeremy Riddle is well on his way to where he wanted to be all those years ago, ready to release his music and his life to the world, and he finally has a solid group of people with him, ready to show the world Eros & Agape.