Fresno, California, USA
BandHip HopFunk

E.Rose is an artist out of Fresno California, he is also host of the popular web show Cali Mic Check. He offers an eclectic brand of Hip hop that fuses a blend of Country Rock,Soul and Funk with serious lyrical skill.
His live performance submits maniacal energy in a well thought out delivery.


E.ROSE is a Hip Hop artist making noise up and down California and has performed Internationally. From his energetic performances, to hosting shows and his Hip Hop web show, 2008 - 2012 have been very busy years for this Fresno native artist.

E.ROSE started producing Hip Hop tracks in the late 80’s. He went on hiatus during the late 90s, but is now back writing vocals and putting out tracks. Since 2007 he has been doing some serious networking with many promoters and groups. He has regularly opened for the quickly rising, Moonshine Bandits. You can watch E.ROSE interview this group on Cali Mic Check.
Other note worthy artist E.Rose has worked with include Cypress Hill, E-40, Del the Funkee Homosapian, Pep Love, Micky Avalon, Dirtbag Dan,Spice 1, 40 Watt Hype, and Kung Fu Vampire.

E.ROSE comes off as very lyrical, and raps about everything from his party day adventures to providing commentary on life’s challenges. E.ROSE is of his own Uniqueness, with songs spanning from Funk, Soul, Alternative, Country, Rockabilly/punk/thrash, Disco, Hip Hop and Rock, all with a hip hop foundation.

His influences start with a solid foundation in Hip Hop via RUN-DMC and Beastie Boys. Beyond that he also draws much influence from Kid Rock, Curtis Mayfield, Kenny Chesney and Funkadelic to name a few.

Outside of his Hip Hop performances, E.ROSE is a full time single father. His daughter comes first before anything else. He is also a baseball fanatic and professional cook. He was close to franchising a Roscoe’s at one point in his life.

In the past 3 years he has also dedicated much of his time to developing a Hip Hop web show called Cali Mic Check. The show, which is available on YouTube, highlights known and unknown Hip Hop artists from the Fresno area as well as artists from other communities in California. The goal of the show is to provide some insight into ways that different Hip Hop artists approach their craft and to provide more exposure for lesser known artists.


E.Rose has received steady airplay on a local level and occasional airplay through out California.
In addition to the air-play in Costa Rica, South Afrika and Phoenix Az, just to name a few.

E.Rose's debut Album "E.Rosenthal Debauchary" has sold 200 plus copies digitally and 300 plus physical copies. Can be heard at www.erose.bandcamp.com
E.Rose has also released a 14 track EP "Insomnia" which has become somewhat of a cult classic in smaller underground circles. "Insomnia" consists of E.ROSE remixes, instrumentals, bootlegs and an all around journey into sound from a production stand point. "Insomnia" was released to keep a steady fanbase intact while recording his 2nd LP "Awkwardly Gnawed".
"Awkwardly Gnawed" has leaked it's first 2 tracks to this date and has already gained popularity and a huge buzz.
These tracks also can be found at www.erose.bandcamp.com
E.ROSE is still in recording for "Awkwardly Gnawed".

Set List

Two Lead Vocalists
One Dj
One Female back up singer.