Omaha, Nebraska, USA

An acoustic duo of vocalist Natalie J and pianist Matt Johnson, Erya is a unique blend of stripped-down soul, jazz, R&B, classic and modern rock.


Natalie is a vocalist and songwriter based in Omaha, Nebraska. After winning many local singing competitions and becoming a semi-finalist on the TV show Nashville Star, Natalie has found her niche in the soul and R&B genre. Both music industry types and casual fans have described her voice as a cross between Norah Jones and Joss Stone, and she has a rare ability to gently draw an audience into every song, taking them on an emotional journey through each live performance.

Matt is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Bellevue, Nebraska. Heavily influenced by the late Keith Green and piano virtuoso Jordan Rudess, he has developed a completely unique style that is free flowing, powerful, and dynamic. Because Matt's piano work is often improvised on the spot, and flows in and out of various musical styles and time signatures, songs are different literally every time they are played. The interplay between Matt's fluid piano style and Natalie's soulful voice is what makes Erya a different kind of live music.



Written By: Natalie Junk & Matt Johnson

Verse 1
When my life gave way
When my pain had so much to say
She helped me find the words
And she still does today
She's my mother
The missing half of my father
Oh there's no denying
My sister looks just like her
She wiped all my tears and calmed all my fears
She's my mother She's my mother
Verse 2
She helped me write this song
Though she hasn't been gone that long
I miss her every day
I just have to carry on
Repeat Chorus


Written By: Matt Johnson

Verse 1
I've got so much to say
It's like my mind can't form the words
I thought it'd be best to stay
But its only getting worse
And I've got to leave this town
and get some peace of mind
This place is try to break me down
Wanna see some white lines
Take a ride with me
we can go anywhere you please.
I wanna get away get my memories off my mind
If only for a day I wanna leave them all behind
Cuz it's not just wasting time
Verse 2
I wish I could disappear
Search for something new
The only thing that keeps me here
Is the bond I have with you
And we've got to leave this town
Before it gets too long
This place is trying to keep us down
It's not where we belong.
Repeat Chorus
Don't hesitate its gonna be alright
Life will take care of itself for a while
As the miles go by.......
Repeat Chorus

Never Enough

Written By: Matt Johnson

I've was searchin all around
Just tryin to find my way
Try to focus on the ground
To ignore the pain away
Then I see you standin there
With that expression on your face
And all the pain I couldn't bear
Falls away in your embrace
It's never enough
No it's never enough
Cuz between the two of us
There's a wall you put up
I just can't believe you can't see what I see
When it comes to you and me
I know we're meant to be...
Verse 2
Though I've tryed to put it down
It's growing stronger every day
I don't want you to feel bound to me
But I can't watch you walk away
When I see you look outside with that sadness in you eyes
I can feel it deep inside of me
You're still not satisfied
Repeat Chorus
After all you put me through
Somethin keeps tellin me to be patient with you
But for how long???
Verse 3
Even though you push me away
I am right here by your side
Try to help you find your way
Cuz I can't bear to say goodbye

Her Song

Written By: Natalie Junk & Matt Johnson

Verse 1
A blanket was her veil
A princess in a fairy tale
And then her prince arived
That's when she realized it and she said
I wish my dad was here today
To see the look on my face
When I look in your eyes
It's the way the way you look at me
It's so easy to see
We're in love We're in love
Verse 2
I'm gonna wear my momma's dress
That's what she always said
Until she fopund her own she took it home then she said
Repeat Chorus
Her brother is here today
as he lifts her veil away
and wipes the tears from her face and she says
Repeat Chorus