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"Eryk Moore Event Brings 2008 in with a bang!"

"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Mr. Eryk Moore, One Mic Ent (770) 482-7889 ONEMICENT@YAHOO.COM One Mic Entertainment Presents The Return of New Word Order! Atlanta, GA. ? 12/04/07 ? Because of his genius business skills and savvy networking ability, Nationallly known Spoken Word Artist/Producer Eryk Moore is once again bringing to the masses dynamic Spoken Word events combined with sensational Neo-Soul Music! Moore?s events will set the flavor and pace for all artists and musicians as ?THE? ticket to be on in 2008 and it?s anticipated that many cookie cutter attempts will seek to mimic these shows, but no other ticket will ever bring the talent, skill and fulfillment that an Eryk Moore ticket will bring! The first 2008 event on the One Mic Entertainment calendar is ?RETURN OF NEW WORD ORDER?, featuring the incredible talent of HBO Def Poet/singer Shanelle Gabrielle, BET J National touring poet Ainsley Burrows, Nationally acclaimed Spoken Word Artist NABRASKA, HBO Def Poet Jon Goode and the pure Fiyah flow of Spoken Word Prophet Cola Rum! Live music will be brought to you by the incredible S.O.U.L. 7 BAND! This closed mic event will also showcase the clever talent of Hawk the Poet, Trav Wright, Blackened Light, Focus, Nah Jai, Queen, Thoughtss and NuKola! The place to get this mind-blowing dose of Spoken Word and Neo Soul is The MOCHA MATCH COFFEE BAR! The Mocha Match Coffee Bar is located in the heart of ATL at 627 E College Ave. Suite F. Decatur Ga. 30030. Entertainment events with Spoken Word and various music acts are scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of each month in 2008! Where primarily the shows are beginning in the ATL, it?s the goal of Eryk Moore to take his production on the road and have shows in other states as well. Our host for the evening is HBO Def comedian/ BET Comic View?s Pierre, who is also well known as an actor on screen and stage! Tickets are $15 in advance and more at the door. For more information, please visit the websites listed above and to purchase tickets, please - Sele Kalia, Booking Agent

"Show Stopper: Eryk Moore!"

Eryk Moore...
This ATL poet had to be the show stopper. From his performance of "Renee" to the outstanding "Therapy" we were captured by his every word. As a review writer I don't usually promote products. (Conflict of interest and all that) But I highly suggest you get his CD "This Mans Life" I got it that night and it's been in rotation on my player since - NEW WORD ORDER


I've had the pleasure of experiencing the live version of Eryk Moore. Seeing the man live the words he speaks first hand. When I listen to Lorraine "track 07" I remember him telling me the story of the first time he performed that beautiful dedication for the love of his poetic life That is Lorraine at the end of the piece and also at the end of his peace. Grown man talk "track 1” is a road that will carry you into a world of heightened perspective. Realities check reminding you that this is no ordinary story. No ordinary poet. The production of This Man's Lifeis well orchestrated with emphasis on versatility. You will ride with an uncontrolled case of head nod while banging Ebony "track 5" out your car stereo If the system is bumping and the windows are down, Shine "track 6" might just change the world. That drop is so powerful you can use the speaker winds for sailing. Eryk Moore flips us around like we were looking through a strangers eyes on judgment day. It rolls out so well you almost live This Man's Life vicariously. "track 9" The Hustle says it all. This drug is addictive "track 10". Therapy. You’re probably rewinding it right now. We dropped it as a gift just for myspace friends. "Track 18" Rapid Fire featuring Danielle Reed & Tommy Bottoms is BLAZIN No matter what side of the track you play on,. Hip Hop or Spoken Word. This is the bar you need to reach or step away from. Do the math. E. = an MC squared. Tell Fabulous E. used a Reed to breath from these Bottoms. We keep telling you it's The New Word Order. Our stars can make a poem cry. Renee "track 14" Give Life 101 "track 15" seminars. Make you dance. cry, inspire you, empower you and break you down. You'll be edified, edutained and entertained by this extraordinary poet. Get This Man's Life today and be a witness to the change you heard was coming. Just click the image below. NWO CD reviews Max Parthas Executive Producer

- Maximus Parthas

"Heavy and Slammin'"

I felt like Don King's head, all I needed was a comb. Slick kewl groovin' on the opening track that paints the darker side of America where hopelessness is a permanent rainbow. Buy this.. Psycho Craig

- Psycho Craig


Listen and purchase my music at: [eryk moore]






Here we are at the end of 2012, and there's two groups of people

standing out right now: One group of uncertain souls are waiting for

the world to end and the more wise group of word lovers, waiting

with ink on their breath and strophes in their hearts as good fans do,

all around the world, awaiting the highly anticipated release of

"STR.8 NO CHASER" the soul quenching new CD by the one and only

Eryk Moore!

Born and raised in New York , Eryk Moore first discovered

his pen through the dark smoke of a very challenged childhood.

Being accustomed to hiding his pain and fear in his verse, Eryk

wasn't too keen on sharing his poetic soul with unknown patrons

around the world.

Recently in 2012, making a very necessary creativity move from

the South to now living back on the East Coast, Eryk Moore has

tapped into his greatest release yet! Gone is the young

apprentice of word that many will remembered

did his main stream debut around the top of the new millenium at

the Ying Yang cafe. As a phenomenal solo artist, his skill is

comparable to Amir Sulaiman, The Late great Will Da Real One

and Black Ice.

Eryk Moore has put his best grown man into action and is bringing to the masses his unique 2012 Spoken Word laced with Hip Jazz, gumbo soul and rich bit bites

of ferocious fire breathing flows, taking no prisoners on the stage

as he makes fans out of those who wouldnt normally rock

Spoken Word!! Still bearing the cross of the experienced

Wherdzmyth, still knowing as great as he is, he remains humbled,

seeking to grow and do better. And as Eryk remain humbled,

allow us to just tell it like this:

"Dare any to bring a challenge to Mount E Moore, dare one to be bold

enough and walk out that back stage door! Challenge all to buy

the CD and let it be known that you truly were changed,

challenge everyone to keep it 100, acknowlege greatness

when its before you and bow down low

when you say his name!"


- by the CEO of Poohmafella Records

If you want your next event to not be forgotten, book the

talent called Eryk Moore, who has the skill to bring the

memorable performance you hoped to pay for!


Contact A/R VP and Talent Brand Agent EJ Brewster

- (951) 297-9898

or email full offer, date of event, location of event with your

budget for Mr Moor, including travel and lodging coverage to:


IS $250.00 & up. Gigs seeking to pay less than $250 will be