Eryn Bent

Eryn Bent

 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


Eryn was born in Lewistown, Montana and knew from a very young age that she wanted a career as a singer. She began studying voice with Lisa Carman at age 13, and began to blossom from that point on.
Lisa introduced her to musical theater, where she fell in love with performing and moving audiences through music. She picked up the guitar during her freshman year of high school and began writing lyrics and putting them to music. By the time she graduated high school, Eryn had given three solo recitals and performed at numerous fund-raising events for the high school and for the city, including the Relay For Life. She was accepted at the University of Idaho under a vocal scholarship; shortly before attending she recorded and released her first original album, "Bare".
Eryn studied at the University of Idaho for one year. During that year, she was the only vocalist at the university to take first place at the NATS competition (a vocal competition between Idaho and Washington colleges), and she was the only freshman Soprano I vocalist to join the cast of "The Corps of Discovery", an opera based on the Lewis and Clark expedition which was debuted at the university.
In Idaho, Eryn began to play shows at the local coffee shops in Moscow, and in Pullman, Washington, where the neighboring WSU is located. While in Moscow, she wrote more complicated and emotionally striking songs, and grew from the influences of those she encountered there.
After her year in Idaho, Eryn moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the summer to join Lisa in being the assistant director of her student vocal group, The Youngstars, which consisted of Lisa's students ranging from age 9 to 17. She assisted in the choreography and performance aspect, and would take over as director in Lisa's absence. While there, she also performed with Lisa all over the state as an opening act and harmony vocalist. The beauty and artistic atmosphere of New Mexico had a great impact on her and holds a special place in her heart.
After her summer in Santa Fe, Eryn moved back to Lewistown and continued to play shows at various venues there. In January of 2007, she released her second original album, "...and then some". She also began giving private vocal lessons and taught several students while there.
Eryn moved to Billings after completing a second inpatient rehabilitation program for bulimia. Billings has been a place of recovery and discovery for her, and she continues to play at multiple venues in Billings and around the state.


let me in

Written By: Eryn Bent

Let Me In

I left, but I took with me feelings
The very same ones I've had for years
But if these feelings are without validation
Then tell me, and you'll be in the clear

With her it lasted for a moment
Short for you, but too long for me
My cause is not a short term fulfillment
But if it's yours, you better let me be

Cuz I will not hurt you
And I will not take you for granted
And I am here when you decide
To let me in

Signs tell me what I want to hear
But I'd rather hear it straight from you
I'll tell you now, I've told you then how I feel
So the question now is what you'll do


Tell me if this does not fit together
Cuz I'll either leave or stay
I'll stay forever



Written By: Eryn Bent


I ain't no trophy girlfriend
I'll act how I want and I'll say what I say
If you disagree with anything about me
Then turn the hell around and walk away

Ooh, boy you wined me and you dined me
You used your gift for lies
I fell right into your poisoned web
The very thing that I despise

You say you've changed
You say you're true
But I can see right through you
So now this thing is through

Maybe if you grew up just a little bit
And put this girl before yourself
But you won't, you can't, you just ain't ready
To consider anyone but yourself


Be a man and tell me
Yes, no, maybe so
Too late...
Boy, you're too late

You're Gone

Written By: Eryn Bent

You're Gone

Listen, dear
What do you think you're trying here?
First you say that you love me
Then you disappear into this infinity'

What am I missing here?
Why should I even shed a tear?
You've done it so many times before
I should've seen you couldn't give me more

You drag me around cuz you know you can
You say goodbye cuz you can't be a man
I'm tired of hoping and trying
So I'll be the man, and say you're gone

All in all
I know I'd rather see you fall
Without me clinging to your side
I'll just wait until this pain subsides


Say to me
That those crying eyes
Really ever cared for me
Oh, oh...


Bare, released 2005
1. Ordinary Woman
2. Affinity
3. My Renewal
4. Hold Me
5. One Kiss
6. Numb
7. Untouchable
8. Nothin' to Ya
9. Mask
10. I'm Sorry

...and then some, released 2007
1. belong to you
2. delusions (hold me tonight)
3. everything
4. free from your memory
5. nightengale
6. the hardest thing
7. through
8. who are you
9. what you want
10. let me in
11. why

2010 EP, released 2010
1. You're Gone
2. Fall In Love With Me
3. Let Go

Set List

Eryn books solo with vocals and acoustic/rhythm guitar.