Aurora, Colorado, USA

If you like electronic music you will like ES. Even if you don't like electronic music, you will like ES. If you are deaf you will like ES. If you are dead and under mountains of Earth, you'll like ES. If you don't even exist, the music of ES will make you corporeal. ES makes beautiful music.


1974: Conceived, born shortly after.
1977: Kicked preschool teacher in head.
1977: Plane to USA.
1979: Discovered Queen, Kenny Rogers and Blondie.
1984: Played first instrument, the autoharp.
1985: Joined a break dancing troop.
1986: Dad buys Amiga 1000. 'Sampled' music discovered.
1987: Discovered 'Teletunes'.
1990: I get an Ensoniq EPS-16+ sampling workstation for my birthday. Oh no.
1991: Lost my virginity to a swimmer who shaved her legs earlier that day.
1997: First CD EP, "Penitence", released under the name "Emptyhead".
1998: Second CD EP, "Voluptuous", released. After receiving a copy I mailed, the staff of Peter Gabriel's record label enjoy the CD as they write memos.
1999: Remixes reach Europe.
1999: Corporate whoring begins. Companies as diverse as Vh1, Smirnoff, The E! Channel, etc. start licensing my music.
1999: I have a severe mental breakdown.
2000: Found the love of my life and met my first son.
2001: New Vision America, my dance record label is launched.
2002: After 3 singles are released, New Vision America dies a quiet death.
2002: My second son is born. My life is saved, I just don't know it. I stop writing music.
2003: I go to jail. My life is saved again. This time I know it.
2005: I start writing music again and score the best selling on-line game, "Belle's Beauty Boutique".
2007: First full length CD finished. About time.
2008: I start singing on my songs. Don't laugh.
2009: I have another massive breakdown.
2010: Searching for female vocalist. What a bitch.
2011: Second CD is ready to be mastered and pressed.


Party Tonight

Written By: Eric Salazar

Baby, my body's a party tonight
and i wanna take my clothes off
naked, i'll do a little dance
get in the way
clothes always get in the way

I am addicted
I need a 12 step group
I need shock therapy
my urges are making me blind
my eee i eee urges

this is a perfect drug x 11

baby, i'm taking my clothes off for you
my body's a party tonight
brand new sensations
manual stimulation
makes me think hard about you

I am addicted
I need a 12 step group
I need medication
my urges are making me blind
my eee i eee urges

my mistress is fantastic
she's made of metal and plastic
her thumbnails are hot
she makes me go pop
people say i should stop
but i'm trapped in a web of lust
somebody kill my mouse
and bust me out of my house

somebody release me

baby, i can't take my eyes off of you
my body's a party tonight
i like the way you pose for me
just for me

the sirens of cyberspace keep calling me

I am addicted
I need a 12 step group
I need a straightjacket
my urges are making me blind
my eee i eee urges


2008 - CD released: ES When I was Emptyhead 1997-2007
2006-2007 - composer, various online games
2006 - composer, Belle's Beauty Boutique
2006 - E! #1 Single: Window Shopping
2004 - VH1 Driven: Paula Abdul
2002 - Smirnoff Bring Out the Spin Bring Down The House promo CD
2002 - Smirnoff Twist 'N Spin promo CD
2001 - Emptyhead IvoryCoast 12" single, New Vision America
2000 - Emptyhead DIP LP, Palace Records
1999 - WEOS radio 'Temporary Insanity'
1999 - Macworld CD-ROM, winner 'Best Instrumental' Macworld Music Contest
1999 - Emptyhead LP, Palace Records
1998 - Emotions in Force (Recovery Mix) 12" single New Vision Recordings
1998 - Voluptuous EP, Palace Records
1997 - Penitence EP, Palace Records

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