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Liar, Liar

Written By: Esa Lehti

It's your turn, your turn to cry!
I'm not playing a fool.
You live in a lie,
You call your Golden Rule!

Your self-serving ways...
I can see through them now!
Someone always pays,
While you disappear somehow!

Liar, Liar!
You spin your tale so well!
Oh, I wonder, "Can you tell,
Truth from fiction?"
Liar, Liar!
I'm burning in my hell;
In my solitary cell,
With your affliction!

Repeat All..............................

Liar, Liar!
Liar, Liar!

Ain't No Small Thing

Written By: Esa Lehti

Ain't no small thing, when loneliness
Is a constant companion,
When your thoughts and your feelings
Are like echoes in a canyon.

Ain't no small thing, when happiness
Seems a distance too far,
When simple things and pleasures
Are like wishes on a star.

That smile on your face,
That simple show of grace,
Can make the birds sing.
It drives away the rain,
Takes away the pain.
And it ain't no small thing!
No, no, it ain't no small thing!

Ain't no small thing, when the world
Is a lonely, lonely place,
When it's all you can do
To put a smile on your face.