An eclectic-dramatic 4 piece indie/jazz/psych instrumental fusionist ensemble. Air, Out Hud, !!! and Stereolab MEETS The Meters and On The Corner-era Miles Davis. Live show? A continuous flow of invention that seamlessly segues from one song to the next.


Late in the year 2000… Two sets of Brampton brothers (Grant and Tyler Drygas, Shandy and Jordan Kern) united to form ESCALATE! As an experiment gone frighteningly right, Kern melodies and Drygas rhythms
combined to form a force irresistible to human ears, feet and hips alike. A four-piece instrumental outfit, ESCALATE! forsake vocals and lyrics to concentrate on blending and reconfiguring diverse genres spawning a fresh and innovative sound mosaic.

Five years later… The release of their debut full-length
GROOVES.BEATS.SCIENCE.SOUL. A record as much in the spirit of Air, Out Hud, !!! and Stereolab, as past visionaries The Meters and On The Corner-era Miles Davis, GROOVES.BEATS.SCIENCE.SOUL is a disc with a
scope wide enough to delight both party people shaking their moneymakers on the dance floor as well as chilled out beat heads sinking back into a bean bag chair strapped with headphones.

Perhaps most impressive, however, is their live show: A continuous flow of invention that seamlessly segues from one song to the next. Now, in 2007, more focused than ever, the four are once again preparing to head into the studio. Always dynamic and energetic,
ESCALATE! continue to swagger, not stagger, in hot pursuit of their unique sonic vision.

Additional ESCALATE! Information:

- Members of ESCALATE! have performed alongside Jason Collett, Nathan Larson (Shudder to Think, A Camp), Kevin March (Guided By Voices), The Junction, Al P. (MSTRKRFT), and Emm Gryner, including appearances on Gryner's Juno Award Nominated album "Asianblue", and The Junction's Universal Records self-titled 2006 debut.

- ESCALATE! captured the People's Choice Award at the 2004 Brampton Indie Arts Festival.

- "Doves Don't Cry", track ten from "Grooves. Beats. Science. Soul.", was the score music for a Greenpeace video.

- ESCALATE! have been a regular fixture over the last three years at Kensington Market's famed Pedestrian Sundays, receiving significant public acclaim.


EP The High Roller EP
LP Grooves. Beats. Science. Soul.

Entire EP and LP have been played on various College Radio Stations

Set List

A balance of newer material and and songs from the "Grooves. Beats. Science. Soul." LP. Sets tend to range from 25-45 minutes (but have lasted as long as 2 hours+, when requested). In general, no covers. Sets are continuous from start to finish, with no breaks between songs