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Escalator Hill

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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La to Brooklyn

Written By: Antony Benedetti

"where will you be in a year, say?" well I'll tell you, that I really can't quite care
I'm happy sitting here on your front porch, watching this display

I wanna walk all the way from LA to Brooklyn
see them all celebrate that old spark of freedom
my soul is shouting to my spine
"so glad we're right here, looking up July"

outside laying there just so, our heads know when the other is smiling
around us sound's a paintbrush of the past's touch on both of our lives

I wanna walk all the way from those years to this day
picking out along the trail anything you'd appreciate
below these bangs my ears yell to my spine
"I hear it's the right way to start the month of July"

happy hides so well in this life
in my life
blasts over my head have shed some new light
on everything

and while I'm walking all the way from LA to Brooklyn
I can feel the weather change from hopeless to hoping
my eyes alight dance and tell my spine
"we'd count our blessings, if we could count that high"

I wanna walk all the way from brooklyn to your bed
where we'll laugh and talk to fate about the night that we first met
my heart says, marching right down my spine
"love seems so lucky, when it's you it finds"

when it's you it finds