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"Escape to the studio - Local rockers set to launch their debut CD"

Published Friday February 8th, 2008
Appeared on page D6
Escape's work is done... for now. The rest of the work lies in the hands on the MES studio sound technicians Randy Ross and Dean Weeks.

Ross and Weeks recently spent between 50 and 60 hours laying down the tracks for the local rockers' debut CD, simply called Escape. The post-production work on the mix of electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, tambourine, percussion and vocals is now 50 per cent complete. The five members of Escape – Wendy Cosman Parlee, Clay Peabody, Tim Culbert, Paul Martin and Kevin Laskey – now wait with bated breath to hear the result.

"This stage of music production is never put in the limelight, said Ross. "You end up with a bunch of individual tracks...16 to 24 tracks in each song. It's a combination of editing and you have to mix where in the volume spectrum and where in the stereo spectrum everything is. If you look at it, in a five minute song you are looking at one and a half hours of captured or recording time and usually three to five hours in post production for the mixing and equalizing."

During the mastering stage, Ross described music as going from quieter to a louder brighter sounding music.

"That is what separates a professional recording from a non-professional recording," he said.

Members of Escape appreciate the professional approach to the very personal music on the CD. Every song on Escape's first CD offers a unique sound and band members are proud of their original tunes.

Escape's newest member Tim Culbert sings and plays lead and rhythm guitar. He joined the band two years ago and noticed how Escape evolved from playing cover tunes to creating a file of original numbers. The time was right for a CD, he said.

"We played all over the local areas, a lot of different events and bars. Between the mix we started writing our own music. We got a feeling that we were peaking," Culbert explained. "With the cover thing we weren't putting things out there as much. We couldn't sell ourselves as well as a band without saying this is something of ours. It is easier to sell something with our blood, sweat and tears."

The process of songwriting was a collaboration of the band members, all of whom brought their various musical influences to the practice sessions. Although Culbert played and wrote songs with many bands over the years he was impressed with the Escape experience.

"The best as far as talent goes. It is the best I've been with...that contributing process," he explained.

Carleton County Blues is one song which stands out for Culbert.

"Carleton County Blues is a blues song and it's kind of tongue and cheek, looking at the culture around this area. Very lighthearted fun. We had this idea that we all came up with, he explained.

"Let's get a room full of 15 or 20 people. We invited them...friends and family. Ten or 15 people showed up and we played it for them, and they all kind of clapped and screamed. It's honest. As a song it is a party song. It is meant to be a lot of fun."

Don't Cry for Me is a song Paul Martin wrote as a reflection on his older daughter going to school.

"We all kind of took it and layered everything on top of it and it turned out nice," Culbert said. "It is happy, upbeat and bittersweet."

Martin from Jacksontown started the band under the name Repeat Offenders back in 2001. On top of playing co-lead guitar he acts much like a manager for Escape.

"I have always been the contact person for gigs and venues to play," he explained. "I do a lot with getting material ready and setting up for gigs and practices."

In 2006 the band changed its name to Escape and the new CD is the result of the band's music evolution over the years from 80s rock to hard rock through to a mix of 60s - 90s and country.

"Then with all this transition we decided that maybe it is time to start writing our own music. Our current CD is going to have seven original tunes that we are pretty happy with. Nothing on the album sounds the same," said Martin.

Martin believes that people will hear the heart and soul of the band is in the CD.

"The type of music we play is certainly rock. I wouldn't say it is overly blues. It is just straight ahead. We really like the fact that we have three-part harmony," said Martin. "When we want to impress people with our vocals, we think we can do that well. Some of our tunes are quite catchy."

Bass player and vocalist Clay Peabody is no stranger to a recording studio but it was his first time recording a seven song CD.

"It was pretty painless. Our engineer Randy is very easy to work with and gives us everything we ask for, which is a nice change," explained Peabody. "It's nice to go and have somebody who respects what we want and tries to give it to us. He made it a pleasurable experience."

The members of Escape brought a good work ethic into the studio as they laid down the tracks. The drum tracks for each piece were laid d - Bugle-Observer


4 Song Demo available on our Website.

Coming Soon: Release of Debut CD, with 7 originals songs on it. This will be available for purchase on our website, at local vendors, and at our shows!



Diversity Brings on Name Change

Originally named Repeat Offenders, the band formed in late 2001 from the ashes of several popular local bands including...Doublecross, Alibi, Sound F/X and Psycho Billy.

With a recent line-up change and the addition of more varied music, our eclectic song list is the result of each band member’s input. Our diverse song list is a solid blend of everything from hard driving rock tunes to subtle slow songs. We guarantee an evening of something for everyone! The band will take you on a journey with some of the best songs ever written, and perform some of their own originals as well.

Our influences range from iconic bands like Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Steve Miller, AeroSmith, U2, Hard Rock and Hair Bands like, Ac/Dc, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses, New Wave and Punk, such as Billy Idol, Simple Minds, up to present day artists such as, Tool, Audio Slave!

A strong and energetic performance is on tap when you see the band live. Years of playing experience come through with strong vocals, a solid rhythm and guitar work that is ”nasty when it needs to be!” The members form a solid unit that can truly fill a dance floor at the drop of a hat.

Knowing that “if the band has fun, the crowd will follow,” a night of fun and good rockin’ music is in store for anyone who walks through the door.

Come in, bring your friends, check us out...And we’ll see ya from the stage