Escape From Earth

Escape From Earth


Rock that pops... or pop that rocks (your pick)!! Rock anthems you'll be singing for days!! Foo Fighters meets Switchfoot meets Butch Walker.


Dear Mom:

Hello!! Sorry I haven’t written for a while. We’ve been really busy on the road playing with a bunch of cool bands the past few months including Switchfoot, CKY, Butch Walker, Breaking Benjamin, Taproot and Quietdrive. They are all really cool guys and have only pranked us a few times on stage. The shows have been going great! We are selling 100s of CDs a week and constantly making new fans and friends each night. I think we have Soundscanned over 2,500 CDs in the Midwest alone!!

No worries mom, I have been taking good care of our “tour bus” (ie, the minivan) – only a few of the other bands have made fun of the soccer ball on the back window. And everyone likes the peanut butter and honey sandwiches that you sent us. We can’t wait to get home to Chicago and headline our show at Metro – I think the show is sold out already!!

It’s been amazing looking out each night seeing people sing along to the words of our songs “Beautiful” and “Yesterday” (I still can’t believe Bob Ezrin produced these songs for us!!). I think all of the radio play we’ve received of those songs on WKQX and WZZN (Chicago), WRTT (Huntsville, AL), WJJO (Madison, WI) and other stations across the country has really helped. A few people have recognized the songs from when we won the International Songwriting Competition and SongOfTheYear Competition.

We had a few crazy things happen to us last week… a bunch of our gear got stolen from our trailer. Good thing we have endorsements with Fender Guitars and SWR Amps – they were able to help us replace the gear right away and we didn’t miss a show. Have I shown you our new Dunlop guitar picks with our faces on it? They are hilarious!

When we were hanging out in New York City, Donald Trump walked by us on the street. I don’t think he remembered us from when we played the Miss USA Competition a few years ago. It’s all good though, I still have the picture to prove it!! We sure did have a blast recording that commercial for Coca-Cola and MTV though!! I always told you one day I’d be rocking on MTV!!! Oh and make sure you renew your subscription to Teen People Magazine, there’s a feature article on us in the December/January issue!!

Everyone in the band has been getting along great. The new guys, Scott and Mike, are a great addition to the group! Ahn sends his love as well. You remember Ahn right? You hate his tattoos and dreadlocks but said he was a “nice boy.” It has been a lot of fun touring with these guys and writing a bunch of new songs. When we get home, we’re going to be recording these new songs. I am going to produce the CD in our basement – don’t worry, I soundproofed the basement and it won’t be too loud (no louder than Dad’s snoring).

Anyway, I have to head to the stage for soundcheck now. Send my love to Dad and pet WillBill for me. I’ll be home in a few weeks!!

Lots of love!!



So Much More

Written By: Chris Sernel


Something’s missing – I can see it in your eyes
Behind your smile – There’s a thousand tears uncried
All you’re seeing – Is the darkness and the rain
Through the shadows – of the choices that you made

There’s nowhere to run
And I know where you hide
So don’t try
There’s a reason for being

It’s not too late to find
What you’re searching for
A life worth SO MUCH MORE

I can read you – And it’s time to turn the page
‘Cause the ending – Is something you can change
You’re in hell – Fighting demons of the past
Will they disappear

What you’re searching for…
Fight ‘til the end and
Never surrender

Who Do I Have To Kill?

Written By: Chris Sernel


They look at me
Through their shaded eyes
I hit ‘em hard
And don’t apologize
Can you sell me someone else’s brain
So I can play the game

And when they sell
Your soul for twice the price
They’ll never tell
When you fake a smile
Wear this, comb your hair like that
And don’t forget to breathe

Spinning around
I’m spinning around
Why do I ride in circles?
All the same faces
In all the same places
Spinning around
I’m spinning around
Why do I ride in circles?
Who do I have…
Who do I have…
(To get off this merry go round)

What a trip
You said a banjo and DJ
Was hip
Are you kidding me??
I’ll shake your hand and wave goodbye
I’ll see you in hell (sucka!)

Who do I have to kill… x2

On the golden poles, the tainted phonies
Riding on their painted ponies
The double-decker architecture
“Twist” and turn like Chubby Checker

Who do I have to kill to make a difference
Have to kill to be myself
Have to kill to get some answers
Have to kill…


Written By: Chris Sernel, Kelsey Montanez

I am so glad that you’re here, I am
But I can’t let go of my fears, I can’t
And I saw us in ten years still smiling and laughing
But I have to let go now cuz it just can’t be

Cuz I need more than the same old story
Just a little more than a wish for two
Cuz I just can’t turn away from the truth
We can keep pretending it’s never-ending
And force a dream, that we’ve held onto
And watch a NIGHTMARE become the truth

I do recall you saying “stay true to yourself”
And that is exactly what I am trying to do
We’re running, we’re running – going nowhere fast
Believe me I’m trying to make this love last

Going Down In Style

Written By: Chris Sernel

Late at night
You got me running baby
There’s something funny ‘bout the look in your eye
I know your type
I’ve been through all this before
I’ve gone to hell and I’m back for more

I know there’s something better
Than when we are together
(But forget it)
Let’s take a chance
C’mon let’s dance

All that we could be is
All we’ll ever be tonight
We’re falling in a flame
And we’re burning in a marvelous light
When we’re crashing down
Will we make a sound
If no one hears
Since we’re going down
At least we’re going down in style

Fool me once
You are the devil baby
Gave me an apple and I took a bite
Your lips don’t lie
You’re still the devil baby
But shame on me cuz you fooled me twice

There’s really nothing better
Than the view we have tonight

Hey Sailor

Written By: Chris Sernel / Erika Lauren

Not even a fancy souvenir
Could dry these tears
I wanted to be your modern day pin-up
But the tides have changed and it looks like rain
And I know you won’t be home for a while

Every time I wave goodbye to you
I’m reminded of the things we used to do
HEY SAILOR – why are you leaving
And I hope you know I’ll always be here
Waiting for you to come back home
HEY SAILOR – why are you leaving
Why are you leaving me?

Oh, won’t you lower your anchor
And stay awhile
Right now I’d do anything
To see your smile
But the times have changed
Oh, no we’re not the same
And I know you won’t be home for a while


"Who Do I Have To Kill" LP - Released May 2006 (Produced by Rae DiLeo and Chris Sernel)

"Three Seconds East" EP - Released February 2004 (Produced by Bob Ezrin and Rae DiLeo)

Set List

We can play for as short or as long as is needed! Sets typically range anywhere from 30-45 minutes (typically) to some longer shows that go 1-2 hours long. We play primarily original material but know a wealth of covers and usually throw a few in depending upon the length of the show.