Escape Key

Escape Key


Hooks reminiscent of the Replacements erupting with Steve Albini-like bombast.


As a kid, long before heading to the big city out of rural Michigan, Matt Hannah told his mother that all he wanted was to live under a bridge, play his guitar and eat crackers. He now lives under the Hell Gate bridge in Queens with Crystal Yakacki, who is willing to consider crackers and peanut butter a meal. Matt met his musical match in Bryan Greene, a hard-hitting drummer from New York who has a habit of picking up stray animals. Crystal joined on bass in 2008 to complete a good thing, and to enjoy electric guitars before the impending collapse of civilization.

The EK three piece is united by a love of loud drums, Fender Jazzmasters, and the three-minute song. They are known for melodic rock, distinct riffs and a heavy rock beat. The EK motto is: "louder is always better."

Escape Key has played every nook and cranny in New York City, including Mercury Lounge, Arlene's Grocery, Trash Bar, The Annex, and R Bar. They are planning a regional tour for the release of their debut EP, None of Them Are You.


None of Them Are You - EP

Set List

We typically play 45 minutes to an hour, but have enough material to play much longer than that.