Escape Surprise

Escape Surprise


Escape Surprise - Dramatic Concept Rock that plays the line between catchy pop hooks and avant garde explorations - music that breaks from traditional structural norms but never leaves the listener behind. Energetic. Dynamic. Progressive.


The "hows" and "whens" of the story of Escape Surprise are not nearly as interesting as the "whys" - so the "whys" are where we shall begin.
Why our music is what it is -
Three out of four members of Escape Surprise have training in the world of theatre, and the fourth posesses a natural dramatic flare any actor would die for! This statement in itself may not seem very telling, but when dissected it sheds light on many aspects of our creative processes and influences.
We have a very keen sense of dramatic structure, how to tell moving stories, and how to shape our songs into journeys that have many levels of experience and meaning. We view the music itself as a limitless tool for expression - and it all has to do with context. A note by itself is meaningless, only when put into the context of other notes does it begin to flesh out it's own colour. Therefore, every note, chord, rythmn, has infinite potential, depending on which context it is set into. We play with this idea of context, allowing for huge dramatic shifts in sound that - although bombastic in reality - feel seamless to the listener because they are dramatically warranted.
Our background in the theatre arts is thus an obvious influence, but by no means the only noteable one. We are lovers of music, sincere music of all kinds. The most prevelant of our musical influences are Fela Kuti, Tool, Bjork, Phillip Glass, Tori Amos, Jeff Buckely, Nina Simone, Kate Bush, Radiohead, Frank Zappa, Prince, Portishead, God Speed You Black Emperor and Led Zepplin.
The music we create is of course, at it's heart, a reflection of who we are at our most truthful. We are lucky in that we, as a group of individuals, jive very closely on a personal level. We are passionate about environmental activism, animal rights ( we are all vegan!) and anti-violence. Our music explores many themes, but we feel that forgiveness, compassion and bravery in the face of misunderstanding are at the forefront of what we want people to take from our music. We can rock, but still say something beautiful while doing it.



Written By: Brandon Martin

pressure / i feel it burst / i’m down, tumbling over head first / i’m down, you come too / say so / and i’ll make my hat my home

ten sleepless nights / i’m driven mad now / internal yoke drives without distraction

and i am not so different / it’s like trying to change the things you can’t forget / when you’re lucky to know them in the first place / the repression leaves me circling my own trace / it’s the feeling i know

i’m down / you know it’s all an excuse / i use to break my fall / i’m down / scattered, dried out / presence rains / consuming my drought

when the moment arrives / tremble through the base of my spine / and as i approach the gate / i’m full of indecision

and i am not so discontent / like a fool i believed and i was hell bent / to accept this dominating lie / like an ever-present god but nothing to point to / just a value system flawed / here i stand wounded i’m torn, i’m lost / turn away – the victim when all hope is tost / the drip drips down evapourates on the spot / it’s the feeling i know

Play the Fool

Written By: Brandon Martin

gripping, nine tails black scathing across my back / entire night frame revenge violence / and all my cause emerging now as torn flesh / no utterence allowed, the need increased

(release your pain unto me)

and i would never ever play the fool except for you / (and i give you me) / and I would never ever lose control unless you asked me to / (if you give me you)

come benevelent shade, envelope us / heal all desire, cure responsibility / sinking deeper into separation / the anxiety seeks relief / (pulling back and forth)

(you came to me) / i saw you / (unsure of)/ my mind roaming / (of just how) / then our touch / (how alone) / no words could describe / (you could feel) / meanwhile / (to speak your) / the stillness / (to speak your truth) / arrived with you / (speak your truth) / i know, i know
i would never ever play the fool except for you

(who am i when all i know seems to desert me / (the road that i walk on the path that i’m sure of is shifting) / (how can i be strong and still get what i need) / (and maybe i need) / (and maybe i need) / (and maybe i need)

the pulling is now / the pulling is now / the pulling is now / i’ve had enough / okay okay, i don’t need a witness / okay okay, i don’t need a witness / okay okay I don’t need a witness / feel my pride / the moment decides

(i will always be inside)

i came to you / and i sought / (unsure of) / forgiveness / (of just how) / your voice rose / (how alone) / and the hurting subsides / (you could feel) / meanwhile / (but you’re not alone) / look forward / (i tell you to just speak your truth)/ escape planned / (i beg you to speak your truth) / i know, i know

i would never ever play the fool except for you

‘cause ya know / i don’t need a witness


Written By: Brandon Martin

i said the sun / will still rise / long after all the people’s money loses its shine / witness the end of all tyranny / give rise to communication, clear and free / we’ll see that having nothing’s nothing to be ashamed of / wanting nothing’s the only way to heaven / after it crumbles . . . we’ll find each other in the rubble

at first we’ll be reborn into regret / confusin’ that our greatest days have went / but i know that in the end we’ll understand / the future only uncertain through our plans / believe that having nothing’s nothing to be ashamed of / wanting nothing’s the only raod to heaven / the more that we have, the more we’ll need

i am their prey, i am their prey / i am their prey, i am their prey / don’t believe for certain what the knowing smile claims / question every evil that the newsman names / i am their prey, i am their prey / i am their prey, we are their prey / it’s all inside and out of me, manifesting through the way / a truth so pernetrating only motion can say / but we are their prey, we are their prey / we are their prey, we are our prey

here we stand, all as one now / unity for peace, all as one now / no segregation, all as one now / here we stand, all as one now / unity for peace, all as one now

here we stand, arrested by the beauty / here we stand arrested by the beauty / holding hands, looking upward, arrested by the beauty, all as one, arrested by the beauty

and it seems that i was worried for no reason at all


We have three songs available on our website ( and we are currently recording a four song, thirty minute EP. Following that we will begin work on our debut LP, Inside the Effigy. All of our recording is self-produced.

Set List

Our typical setlist consists of primarily original material, with a few covers, such as Message in Bottle, Hoochie Coochie Man, and Nothing Compares to You, thrown in for delightful juxtaposition.