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We met about 2 years ago, both in the same training class for a call center here in Kingston. We because quick friends and soon realized we shared the same passion for music. Coming from 2 completely different musical backgrounds, the process was a slow at first. Once we found our sound though it was a whole new ball game. Breaking through the bubble gum pop and melodic rock, to create something different and new that can cross generational boundaries.

Iiana (Ee-anna)

To make a long story short, Around the age of 16, I started to sing, I showed enough interest that my mother bought me the best microphone she could find, and since then, I never stopped. I told myself there was no limit and I made myself sing every note that each one of them could. My goal was to give my heart and soul through song. I was going through so much pain and I wanted people to feel it. I am not the kind to talk about the personal things from my past that hurt, I instead want to wear a mask with such a beautiful smile, and the only glimpse of the real me could only be felt when I sang. And that pain could never be brought forth through a typical pop song, it could only be brought through in a real song with real meaning, like the ones the divas sang. Since then I have used Galdys Knight’s and Mariah Carey’s guidance and extraordinary talents to help me find me, and my own voice, to portray emotions through song. It is my very happiness, it is what I live for.
Now, knowing Mat and us being best friends, I feel ten steps closer to fulfilling my dreams because we have written so many songs. I don't have to live through Gladys Knight's songs anymore, I can live through my own. It is the most amazing feeling to mean every word you sing and visualize that particular memory. This may sound silly, but, with a few, I have to stop myself from tearing up. I feel so blessed.

Mat (Matt – but with one T)

I guess it started when I was 10, I was given a Kent acoustic/electric guitar that was bought at a garage sale. My grandfather started to teach me how to play. I learned from him for about a year, when I got tired of play hot cross buns, and happy birthday. I wanted to be a rock star. I played on my own just doing solos and making my own songs with your 7 basic chords. When I was about 13, I became friends with another guitar player named Steve. Steve showed me how to read tab and everything changed. Steve and I played in a band with his older brother Andrew (keyboards) and my older brother Mike (bass), and another friend Greg (drums). We played Dream Theater, Type O Negative, Life of Agony, Van Halen, Pantera and the list goes on. We played together for about 7 years when it kinda dwindled off. We did some local shows and even put one on ourselves, but that was about all the came of it. I became friends with a guy named Tim in 04 and again a change in my life and music. Tim and I played a lot of acoustic rock, and pretty much turned any song into an acoustic one. We played in parking lots, bombfires, parties, pretty much anywhere there were people we played. I moved to Kingston in 05 and met Iiana less than a month after I arrived, and once again my life and music changed. Iiana had an amazing voice and a sound in vocals that was new and exciting me. Once we wrote our first song "If Only" I knew we had something that would captivate people. I’ve been playing for 18 years now and I’ve played with a lot of people over the years. I’ve picked up something from everyone I played with and I’ve never stop learning. If I had to nail down my most influencial guitar players I would have to say that there is 5 main guitar players that have influenced my playing. John Petrucci(Dream Theater), Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Gilmore(Pink Floyd), Richie Sambora(Bon Jovi) and Dimebag Darrell(Pantera). My music taste is all over the board spanning all genres, I guess that’s why Iiana and I can write such unique music, we have the same vision and love for music.