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The best kept secret in music


...Congratulations! Your song Be received the most votes in our "Free Fall Songwriting Contest".
You've won. You'll be featured on our site through the end of the year
and you'll also be profiled in our October Newsletter... - Musician's Resource

"Crazy Channel" - track four on Zen Songs II, is featured on the current SBS Records CD Sampler.
The compilation, which is distributed internationally, also features Michelle Malone and Amy Ray of The Indigo Girls. - SBS Records

CD Review:
Billy Webster: Zen Songs II / Revelation Monkey: Revelation Monkey
By Elke Bourne (2004)

"Get ready for a double dose of BILLY WEBSTER in this, my first two disc review ever! Combining the newest solo release with his band's self-titled release I will undergo many trials in doing justice to this musical troubadour. BILLY WEBSTER has a true classic rock sensibility. A self-proclaimed hippie that was raised by punks in the decade of decadence began to file away every musical experience since he can surely remember.
ZEN SONGS II is a collection of 14 tracks that span the rock genre. Channeling such greats as Fleetwood Mac on NORMAL SONG [track 3] with his soaring vocal harmonies, strumming acoustic guitar and the jangle of the tambourine, these songs are instantly familiar to the listener. With an angelic voice similar to the legendary Geddy Lee of Rush IMITATE THE WORLD [track 5] seems to have leapt from times past into today. The songs are basic conversations dealing with love, life and politics of every day life that WEBSTER wants to share with an audience. So let him be the jester and sit back so you can take in all his life stories.
A long time singer/songwriter WEBSTER has been writing an eclectic mix of tunes not only for his solo releases, but also with his band REVELATION MONKEY. REVELATION MONKEY consists of BILLY WEBSTER (vocals and guitar), TIM HALLIDAY (bass), TROY MESSINA (drums) and REUBEN DE LATOUR (lead guitar). At first listen THE MOON WILL RISE [track 1] is reminiscent the Police with it's up beat guitar riff and simple driving bass line. There is also a strange similarity of 80's new wave masters Erasure that lies within the vocal styling and lyrics. So whether the listener is looking for a pop gem in the self-defining BE [track 2] or a political statement in the anti-bush lyrics of BUSHWACKED [track 8] the audience is sure to find something to latch onto.
REVELATION MONKEY is like the chemistry set that WEBSTER always wanted as a kid, and now he has it. With the tools that he needs to feed his writings to the masses WEBSTER is sure to claim a small piece of Pop Rock real estate. Keep up the good fight!"
____________________________ - Indie Music Explosion

I just listened to the new "That Reminds Me", and I couldn't help but break into tears. If the rest of the album is this good, it will be the next Sgt. Pepper. For those of you that know me well, I wouldn't say that carelessly. I am in awe. - Curry

Hell Is RealRocks! I listened to it the whole way home last night, and you guys sounded absolutely, No BS, amazing!!!!!!!!! I have always enjoyed your cds, but this is the first time I think that you have been able to do justice to your live sound, and really capture the spirit of your music on record. You should be proud... It kicks!!!! "Now that's a cd, mang!"
Much love,

Like I said before, last night was fucking orgasmic... sooo worth the wait (Andy and I got home at 2 am...whoohoo...rockstar lifestyle)
I'm sending you guys the pics as I'm typing this...good stuff ^-^ verrrrrry sexy
I wish you all the best, get some rest, and feel smugly satisfied with yourselves for rocking so hard. -All the love in hell.
- Sara

Yo, you guys rocked last night. It was worth the wait! Jonathan

You were so guys rocked!!! BEST BAND EVER!!!!!!!!! Andy

The track "Be" was excellent last night. When you guys rocked out at the end of it you were spot on. - Bruce

I got your CD thank you it is awesome. Hell Is Real rocks. Peace.
- Shane

When I first heard That Reminds Me on Zen Songs I liked it, but the Eschaton version is just fantastic. The whole arrangement and the guitars and drums just give it a really powerful and unique sound.
- Kevin

Love the CD.... great job! Put your music all over the internet, that's the best thing you could ever do.... any site that allows you to upload a song onto it, do it!
- Dayna

I enjoyed Hell Is Real. I thought it was rocked harder than the previous recorded versions of the stuff I'd heard before, and overall, a good, solid disc. You should be proud of it. I have it here with me at work, as a matter of fact.
- Bryan

"ESCHATON - divinely ordained climax of history, 'Every single one of those
five words is begging to be unpacked in multiple ways.'"
-Brandon, Pennsylvania

By the way, the CD ROCKS!!!
I really like the re-stylizing of some of the songs.
- Troy

Got the CD- f**king great- you guys really are incredible. I must have listened to it a hundred times already, even my daughter is starting to sing along to it. Keep up the good work and remember I want the new CD when it comes out.
- Donna

What up ? New shit sounds amazing !!! It's great to hear my brother rocking again aka (you're my karma). Proud of you mon frere. Tell the boys a
rock on !!!!!
- Earl

Your Eschaton tracks sound great. I like double parked. I love finding escape from this American idol world with your music.
- Paul

Great Music! I am totally addicted!
- Jason C. (DeSoto, IL)

Sup Eschaton??
Thought I'd let you guys know- I downloaded That Reminds Me a little while ago and I've been listening to a lot lately- it's a great tune; I'm diggin it.
peace & love
- Lydia

Eschaton rocked my road trip to Texas! Thanks for sending the CD, Billy. (and thanks for adding the old Dharla CD as a bonus!)
- Rachel

I got eschaton..Hell is real and it's stuck on track ..3 and ..4 for awhile...good stuff...I even had people asking me what I was listening to...cause I have a kick ass monsoon system in my VW:) I try to spread the word down here in the deep south:) Anyway keep up the good music...Peace.

I'm still reeling from your show the other night! Your recordings are great, but can't hold a candle to the live performance. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!! Double-Parked is stuck on repeat in my cranial ipod, and I like it! :) Can't wait to catch another show! Great job all! ;)

SO speaking of "That Reminds Me" I also listened to the tracks on the Eschaton myspace again this morning- that first one...I forget the title... it was something Karma is awesome. Any way I can purchase the Hell is Real album? Id love to hear all the songs:]
- Lydia

As for Eschaton...dude, the album rocks. It blows away anything you've ever done in the past. And I'm officially no longer the best drummer you've ever played with (just kidding). Everything about it is awesome. The songs, the musicianship, the production. Your brother-in-law should definitely being doing a lot of producing. The recording and production quality is definitely professional caliber.
My favorite songs at the moment..."That Reminds Me", "Bloody Knuckles", and probably "Double Parked". Now I know what you were talking about when you said that the newer stuff blew away the songs that were on the demo you sent me a while back. It is definitely good to hear you rocking out again.
What's the long range plan for the band? Are you guys pursuing a record deal, or are you looking to distribute the album yourselves?

- Myspace


Hell Is Real - released February 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eschaton: "esk-a-tawn"/noun/ - "the last thing. Eschatology, a branch of Theology, is the study of those phenomena associated with the end of the world. The Eschaton is conceived of as a boundary-less and causeless chaotic attractor that is drawing all space and time deeper into states of novel connection and complexity"...

No boundaries. We are not limited. Freedom is the key concept. If ESCHATON has a message, it's not necessarily a hard one. In fact, the message is not even difficult. It's about incorporating various (sometimes political) points of view into your world. It's not anti-anything. It doesn't represent anyone or anything in particular. It's the line between being serious and not taking yourself too seriously. It's your tongue firmly in your cheek. Its influences are wide and varied. It's not just about music. It's pushing your energy out there. It's complexity... musical and lyrical. It's the NPR Jester taking the piss out of American hubris and European arrogance. Still, it's All-American. But it's not earnest. It's not rah, rah, rah. It is the window through which the light of religion passes. But it's also the place where religion and science meet. And when it dances, its sneakers smell like blow-pops.