With a blend of Rush and Coldplay and a heavy guitar influence of Interpol and Nirvana. This Connecticut based band has the sound that has drawn alot of attention from such labels as Sony and Geffen as well as XM's best unsigned bands show.


Few suspected that when Eschellon (esh-a-lon) formed as an awkward bunch of gangly teenagers, that they would emerge as the most critically lauded band in the state of Connecticut. Hailed by press as “the best band in the state”, Eschellon has been likened to “The American Radiohead”; yet, the music is too accessible to be compared to their British counterparts. Before the music becomes too epic, it floats back down to earth with acoustic guitars, organs, synthetic undertones, whimsical lullabies, understated melodies, and the relieving feeling that “sense is just a lullaby.”

Too hopeful to be called angst-rock, and grooves too far in the pocket to be called Indie, Eschellon teeters between introspective subtlety, and passive-aggressive guitar explosions. The band draws their influences from Brit-pop/rock wit and sensibility, the raucous guitar-work of the New York-underground, the soundscapes of Iceland, and New England sensitivity - giving each song its own musical aura.

In 2004, Eschellon received national radio play on XM Radio with songs from their sophomore release, The Blockade EP. Just days after the band was featured on XM Radio 52 as “Band of the Week”, two songs from the EP topped the charts at the #1 and #2 slots – making Eschellon the most requested unsigned band in the US. The band has also received commercial radio play on CT’s 104.1 and 99.1, and Atlanta’s 96.1.

Recently, Eschellon spent three months to complete their third self-released title, The History of Fire. Released in October of 2004, the 11-track LP has already been reviewed as the band’s most impressive, and mature release to date.

Through their spontaneous and unpredictable live shows, the band continues to grow with the support of grassroots efforts, and close relationships with its fan-base. Touring the Northeast for the past three years, the band has played notable venues such as Toad’s Place, The Knitting Factory, Luna Lounge, Elbow Room, and Great Scott - sharing bills with V.A.S.T., The Breakfast, Mighty Purple, Jen Durkin, Oh My God!, and the New Deal. In 2002, the band showcased for Universal Records, and plans on signing with a label in the future in order to expand national promotion and recognition.

The band has recorded and released three CD's: "Numb" in 2001, "The Blockade EP" in 2002 and "The History of Fire" in October of 2004.


Isrena's pilot

Written By: Brian Aiken

And all these tragedies I feel them all slip away
No need for strategies the cause is lost, the child is won
The force of gravity it liberates makes love inside me
And all these colors ever change

Deflated I’ll cry tomorrow
Blind in the dark that follows
Can’t see my hand in front of me
Can’t see my hand in front of me

I can’t forget the dream, I had it just last night
Each moment crystal clear, it never felt so right
Why can’t the dream just last forever?
I wake up, I shake and then it breaks

Thrown around like a rag doll lost and found
Our pendulum swings hard, the clock becomes unwound
Breaking through, I feel the system lose
I’m making love to change, this love I never knew

Deflated I’ll cry tomorrow
Blind in the dark that follows
Can’t see my hand in front of me
Can’t see my hand in front of me

I Know You're Tired

Written By: Ryan Monahan

I sent a ship, they sent you overboard
The clouds were there to sweep you in

I crushed the monsters and I shut the door
I hid the stones you threw the keys

I left you flowers by the railway train
They’re in the ground, I turn around, they’re not the same

I know you’re tired
I know you’re tired
I know you’re tired
But sense is just a lullabye

Took some pictures of some red champagne
So time would never go away

This fire’s sleeping, don’t you wake it up
All their thoughts are on the shelf

I fold the sky into an airplane
I flew you down, it hit the ground, so safe and sound

I know you’re tired
I know you’re tired
I know you’re tired
But sense is just a lullabye

Who’s gonna make up my mind?
Who’s gonna help me decide?
Don’t ever travel alone
Don’t ever put down the phone
I always knew you were right
I should, I would have, I might
This river flows from all sides
I thought some thoughts and I let them fly

History of Fire

Written By: Ryan Monahan

Look me in the eyes and tell me I’m a liar
Was it me or just the history of fire?

Are you seeing demons where they don’t exist?
I tried to help you but they took you off the list

What I want and what I should
(The tides are high and the tides are low, the fire’s always burning when you’re closer to shore)
Enough is enough to break me up
(Military phrases, textbook crazes, boxes and fences boxes and fences boxes and fences)
What’d you find that’s making you upset?

When circumstances were the cause for these events
Don’t want a be a part of me a part of you

We’re in between, there’s nothing we can really do

What I want and what I should I just don’t know anymore
(Pay your dues you better pay your dues, I’m glad you’re keeping score cause I forgot all the rules)
Enough is enough to break me up
(Clever isn’t clever if you’ve thought it though so I’ll sell another song for the teenage crew)

We all fell in
We all fell in
We all fell in the fire



The Blockade Ep- 2003

History of Fire- 2004

Set List

1. History of Fire
2. Nuclear Love Song
3. I Know You're Tired
4. Isrena's Pilot
5. Bercuse
6. Tragedy
7. Fly Away
8. Cage in a Bottle

Typical Set runs from 45-60 minutes

Covers vary but they have previously done essential songs by the Talking Heads and U2