South Bend, Indiana, USA

Intense and energetic instrumental rock.


Escherbach is an instrumental rock trio from South Bend, Indiana formed early in 2007. The trio performs intense music which laces fusion arrangements with the styles of post and progressive rock in order to satisfy the technical junkies yet still be accessible enough for the casual music listener. The resulting sound is chaotic, beautiful, energetic, and sometimes indescribable. Without putting constraints on the listener through the use of lyrics, Escherbach allows the listener to conjure up their own emotions and feelings to associate with the music, thus creating a unique experience for each individual.

“The trio is interested in portraying in its music notions that are far removed from the usual lyrical concerns, such as love or politics. Escherbach is going for more cosmic themes." - Jack Walton, South Bend Tribune Correspondent

In February of 2009 Escherbach released their first full length album Cycles, originally recorded in spring 2007 but later printed and released to allow requesting fans an interesting piece of the bands history. Cycles captures the band at the beginning of its first musical cycle and showcases the band experimenting with ideas that other bands wouldn't normally attempt for a first release. Instead of aiming for better sounding versions of live material, Escherbach and producer Nicholas Schmidt opted to record an album that would be separate from the live experience and stand on its own. There were no rules or limitations to the recording process that took place casually over a three month period. The final result demands many listens if one truly wants to experience all the nuances of Cycles.

“On “Cycles,” the music adroitly shifts from hard rock to lyrical blues-inflected solos, from melodic mid-tempo sections to brief repetitive, droning passages, with turbulent transitions often bridging parts of songs. Comparisons to Pink Floyd, Rush and Umphrey’s McGee all come to mind at different times while listening to “Cycles.”” - Andrew S. Hughes, South Bend Tribune Staff Writer

"Escherbach have produced quite an intriguing disc with Cycles. The South Bend, Indiana outfit takes fusion, Rush-like elements and other sounds and merges them into a motif that’s a bit odd at times and yet, quite catchy. In so many ways you’ve never heard anyone quite like this – and yet it seems familiar, too." - Gary Hill, Music Street Journal

The rest of 2009 will see Escherbach supporting the release of Cycles, exploring new sounds and styles to incorporate into their music, and reaching out to the appreciative ears of music lovers across America.

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Cycles LP - 2009
Live at Cheers, free release - 2009

Set List

Pass & Prism
Abrupt Bus
Burnt Burrito
Back 9
- A Cups
The Dawn
Sea of Dreams
Hot Boxin' The Ice Cream Man
The Garrett Wand
Fibonacci Hooks a Colossal Squid