Esclin Syndo

Esclin Syndo


Creating an intriguing blend of intense guitars, metal bass, rock percussion, 80's keyboard and the etheral but massive voice of Dalma Berger, the music of Esclin Syndo results in a somewhat eerie yet in the same time emotional -even heartening- eclecticism.


Founded in 2003, Hungarian band Esclin Syndo was the first foreign group to make it to the finals of the International Live Contest.

Esclin Syñdo is fronted by a singer who can howl like a banshee. She creates a nice contrast with the swampy electronics laid down by this band from Hungary. Sounding like a mash-up of Propaganda, The Sugarcubes and Kate Bush their album Sleeping Traveler has an Eighties feel, with most of production floss from that era removed and replaced by up front percussion, distorted metal guitar, laptop electronics and a jazz bass.

Their album, Sleeping Traveler is a journey to the night, meeting friends and enemies, and creatures that haven't made into the biology handbooks yet.


2005 – Danube Disco (compilation, szerzői kiadás)
2006 – Halfway to Heaven (LP, self released)
2006 – Hungry for Hungary (compilation, MXH)
2008 – Barabás Lőrinc Eklectrik – Famous / Esclin Syndo Remix
2009 – Sleeping Traveler (LP, CLS)