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Eshu @ The Ice Factory

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Eshu @ First Friday

Waukegan, Illinois, USA

Waukegan, Illinois, USA

Eshu @ American Legion

Round Lake Park, Illinois, USA

Round Lake Park, Illinois, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


By Sabine Kollwitz

Last Thursday night Eshu and The Vanishing Kids played at the BOG and if you haven't made it out to a BOG night yet, you're missing out big time. The show started at 10, and went to 12. The turn out was suprisingly large, and the crowd welcoming. Local to Chicago, Eshu played first. Their music reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. A well orchestrated flurry of broken chords and harmonies, paired with throaty and breathless vocals. Desperate and rushed at times, I could close my eyes and see Alice rushing from the Queen of Hearts on one side and the sea of Clams on the other, comstantly rushing to keep up with the Bunny who is always late. During a couple of songs, the music became a lot more relaxed and mellow and the hurry and flurry of sounds gave way to more of a continuous and uninterrupted wave of music. Quite beautiful, Eshu was definitely worth braving the wind and rain for. - Technology News


For those of you that were there on Thursday night at the University Club to commemorate Eshu's cd release party, you can count yourself among the lucky ones. This isn't the first time Eshu has played at the U-Club, but they put on a great show once again. These kids have been at it for quite a while now, and have finally put out a full length cd. With fourteen tracks on the record, the album makes for an impressive first release. Do you ever wonder with it is that makes someone create something, or what it is that brought someone to paint a certain picture, or write a certain song? Sam, Lois, and John must have the most incredible imaginiations, because their music literally reminds me of a walk through a magical forest inhabited by faeries and mythical creatures. Eshu's music is somewhat akin to movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Isalnd of the Misfit Toys, and Edward Scissorhands. The music is quite ethereal and somewhat akward, but that is precisely what makes it so beautiful. A beauty in raucous melodies that come together to celebrate the wonder of composition. The keyboards bring in an element of childhood that is reminiscent of innocence and purity. Lois, John, and Sam are incredibly talented musicians and I hope for many more cd release parties to come. - Tech News


LP - Eshu "Eshu"
March 3, 2005
Fabsound Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Eshu was formed on March 7th, 1988. That day, Jon, the final member of Eshu, was born. Jon Han (drums), Sam Han (rhodes/guitar), and Lois Han (rhodes/guitar) make up the influential and inspiring trio.
Technology News Arts Editor Sabine Kollwitz wrote: “(Eshu is) a well orchestrated flurry of broken chords and harmonies, paired with throaty and breathless vocals...A beauty in raucous melodies that come together to celebrate the wonder of composition”
Ever since they could pick up instruments Sam, Lois and Jon have been playing together. Eshu is continuing to develop their unique style that has enchanted their audiences from the beginning. With the support of family, friends and fans, Eshu plans to continue giving themselves to the world through their music.