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Broken angel

Written By: Elizabeth Parvin and Joseph Parvin


I seek out the warmth of a grating;

Huddle in a ball to warm my feet;

An anonymous mound upon the ground

Shivers as it tries to fall asleep.

I search for a doorway to Heaven

As I move through the warmth of a dream;

Where your arms enfold I'll be safe from the cold,

And the icy stares of strangers on the street.

CH: Can you hear me; can you see me?

I am flying ever closer to your side.

Do you feel me reaching out to touch?

Drawing ever closer, drawing ever closer.

I've waited so long to reach you,

To welcome you home to my dream;

And you appear and hold me near,

As though you never went away from me.

You've come back to your angel,

Fallen on a bitter city scene;

Now broken wings mended, suffering ended,

Nothing of this world touches me.

CH: We are flying, we are flying

To the far horizons of my dream;

On a warm wind, such a warm wind,

Soaring ever higher, soaring ever higher.

CH: We are flying, we are flying

To places that only angels dream;

Through the long night comes a warm light,

Drawing ever closer, drawing ever closer.