Punk young diva, at 21 y.o. ESIE offer to the audience an amazing show where her fabulous body become a musical instrument. Featured on Myspace Japan top ten woment's artists she's on th way to be one of the main figure of Japan indies music scene.


“My body is a music instrument. Being on stage allows me to express those contradictory feelings that haunt me”. From “Invasion” to “Nothing is beautiful…”, the first abrasive titles of this 21 year-old singer and model are gut crunchers and attracting a growing public. More than 10,000 friends on Myspace, a growing community on Facebook, step by step ESIE is becoming an icon of a flourishing neo no wave trend coming from the West coast of the USA to New York, Europe and Asia. Her lyrics tackle domination, passivity, manipulation, but also motherly love, solitude and withdraw syndrome. Her hyper sensitivity gives your goose bumps (I will not sing in the rain) and takes us into Kafka-like internal vertigo (Under my body). The quintessence of her songs spring from her skin-deep qualms. Those extreme yet subtle feelings are highlighted by her producer Yoshimi Hishida, ex-colleague of Takeshi Kitano and Kinji Fukusaku (one of the master of Yakuza gangter movies). ESIE and Yoshimi claim a common inspiration : Akira Miyoshi, Japanese cult musician, the pioneer of cross-roads between classical and electronic music, from Steve Reich and Olivier Messiaen.

ESIE’s repertoire dynamites all codes : from ambient and contemplative ballads to festive, saturated, offbeat, bleepy, eccentric, punk 2.0 techno tunes. It’s no surprise that her numerous fans on Myspace compare her to a multitude of artists with identical DNA : Bjork, Nina Hagen, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the banshee, Brian Eno, New Order, Eurythmics, Depeche Mode or even Marilyn Manson…

Stage wise, ESIE was already a muse for famous Japanese magazine Non-No at the age of 16. She walked down catwalks in Japan for 2 years and was chosen for L’Oreal advertising campaigns. After a break, ESIE is back in the world of modeling. In Europe, she is today exclusively represented by the agency Nathalie with Beatrice Dalle, Tricky, Zoe Felix and in Japan she is exclusively chosen to represent the neo-punk brand Ghost of Harlem.
Punk is not dead. It reincarnated into ESIE.


First digital maxi available on many digital platforms such as Itunes, Emusic, Napster, soulseduction and many others.
Previous album for beginning of 2010.

Set List

Set list (20/40mn)

1- Invasion
2- Nothing is beautiful but nothing is ugly
3- Ah Ah Ah
4- Love is doubtful
5- I will custrate you all
6- I will not sing in a rain
7- Reborn as a monster
8- Under my body