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e sin chill (e-sin’chull) adj. 1. absolutely necessary; indispensable


Peace yall, there is a fire storm coming wrapped in an artistry that is at once in the moment, forward, and profound. Grand adjectives to be sure and probably similar to the last hip hop write-up you read or the one you’ll read soon. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, I’m not here to offer braggadocio about a coming artist or waist your time by illuminating the aforementioned adjectives in an attempt to make Esinchill out as something he just isn’t. I think hip hop has taken that creative license too many times, which has to shoulder a bit of the blame for the current state of hip hop. Truth is, NOT EVERYONE IS DOPE, but I digress. Specific to Esinchill, we’ll leave all the clichés alone and provide his color by using something that is true to us all and, since we’re talking about things in the moment, used by the gentleman from the great state of Pennsylvania Senator Joe Biden…”just the facts people, just the facts…”.

A chance meeting with Digital Underground’s legendary front man Shock G, who exclaimed loudly “He’s ridiculous”, lead to 3 national tour stints progressing from roadie to opener to “stop the show it’s Esinchill time!!” His stage show was seen along side KRS-1 who, after expressing “Tightest I’ve heard in years”, called him on stage to add to his already unhinged performance. Also, he was found crowd surfing with Redman who was heard nasally suggesting “Watch out for this nigga!!” His identifiable vocal showed up on DJ Quik’s release “Balance and Options” to which Compton’s own announced “He’s special, the same light of the great ones”. Bold company, bold words, but again, it is not my intent to sell you on Esinchill through words, only to give you pause so as to allow curiosity to take over. My feeling, if Google doesn’t know about it, it probably doesn’t exist. Anyhow, touching on DJ Quik at the close of the last set of thoughts was a perfect segue to what’s most important and most pure….the music.

Esinchill’s “Everything To Lose” found him in his element; dope lyrics over dope beats (There’s that word again) to which Will Bronson of SMC, writing for Showcase Magazine at the time, described as “an excellent debut and Esinchill is doper than most.” Naturally, a true artist refuses to remain stagnant. Looking for inspiration through life’s course, it wasn’t long until Esinchill found the necessary groove to create the blissful listen “Choice Cuts” with long time collaborator King Beef. Its melodic grace was coined “hip hop mood music” and described as “a musical fusion of hip hop, soul, and funk, which produces a genre within a genre” by Stash Magazine. Esinchill, never one to rest on his laurels, delved deeper into his artistry and penned a few R&B tunes for Latoya London (American Idol), Malika (Making The Band), Lil Stevie, Moe Soul, and the legendary singer Lenny Williams. The Lenny Williams’ sung Esinchill written song “Tuesday” peaked at #23 in the country on Urban AC radio and gave a glimpse into where Esinchill may be going: the ability to identify with the listener beyond genre specific. Fast forward to now, Esinchill’s crowning achievement to date…His coming Jake Records release “Vigilante”. “Vigilante’s relevance is unmistakable! Its presentation is political at times, controversial, thought provoking, sensual, challenging, aggressive, engaging, compelling, and rousing all without compromising sonically”- The Rap Critic “Vigilante” is a fluid listen that features Dave Hollister, Mistah F.A.B., Casual (Hieroglyphics), King Beef, Dave Lopez (Flipsyde), Nate’, Eddie Projex, the spoken word stalwart Nicole Ryan, and stellar production from G-Unit’s own Jake One. When asked about “Vigilante” and the signing of Esinchill Jake Records CEO Scott Thomas had this to say: "We're proud to welcome another member of the Digital Underground family to Jake Records. Esinchill is extremely talented, and this upcoming album in particular is a monster... I'm not sure the world is ready for this... but we're going to give it to them anyway!!" Hell Yeah!

The internet has taken to calling Esinchill “Soul Of The City”, which means that he embodies the spirit of the common man, the street sweeper, and the blue collar worker; he gives them voice. Using today’s condition as a gauge, who would you rather listen to: the MC who speaks AT the people about things that are unfamiliar to what’s immediate or the MC who speaks FOR the people and gives credence to there struggle (So Presidential!). You don’t need an adjective to answer that question. One Love
Signed: Slave to the music


See above. Radio play? Yes!!!

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15-20 minute sets.