A/V newcomers mashing up hip hop and dance videos on 4 turntables in the celebrity and underground club scenes.


E-SIX & ROAN ( FIRST LIVE, 4 turntable A/V DUO ) Emerging from scenes seemingly worlds apart though identical in passion, virtuosity and cultural influence, Emilio Abadia and Matt Roan form what is possibly the most innovative and engaging DJ duo to infiltrate the Windy City. A drive to isolate, capture, cut-up and then synthesize moments of both sonic and visual art mark the experience of one of their performances. Their sets, which are as meticulously curated as a gallery show involves original and remixed videos that have resulted in a very respected event: Dance Party Magic, produced under the banner of their company Crossfader King. Abadia, also known as E-Six, and Roan bring elements of their divergent musical backgrounds to the fore, adding unique options to Chicago clubbers apart from their visual and audio mash-ups. Each a relentless selector, E-Six and Roan are the perfect purveyors of the a-list or hipster party experience.
Originally hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida, E-Six was a prominent promoter in the post-punk and hardcore rock scenes. He simultaneously absorbed many other musical movements of the time, including electronica at old-school raves, dirty South hip-hop, Miami bass and the more slickly produced sounds of beachside clubs. This schizophrenic appreciation resulted in what E-Six calls his rock-any-kind-of-crowd music, melding original remixes, bass-drenched club rap, electronic bangers, rock gems, 80s and 90s breaks and international underground.
Chicago native Roan got his chops in the classically trained realm, studying piano, guitar and drums from the age of eight onward. Four indie records, and several club residencies later, his beat master prowess has surpassed the various DJs he watched in awe at the Northside Puma store he once managed. By teasing partygoers with a carefully constructed wall of atmospheric choices from across the map, E-Six and DJ Matt Roan are a club experience akin to champagne and truffles at an abandoned warehouse party: completely unexpected.
Recently E-SIX & ROAN have played Lollapalooza 2008 and The Bike Film Festival in Milan, Italy and are currently working on their second DVD mixtape.

The Underground, Chicago
Sonotheque, (Dance Party Magic) which has introduced and included The Cool Kids, The Glamour, Hot Pink Delorean, DJ Kelver, and more..


Dance Party Magic DVD MIX TAPE 1 & 2

Set List

The best in electronic dance music mashed-up and remixed live with a little hip hop and pop.