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Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Hip Hop




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Ask Esko about his musical influences and you’ll find that his answer – “anything wild” – is very telling. This Flint, Michigan native credits his original attraction to hip hop to Kriss Kross, but his taste evolved with such creative influences as Maroon 5 and the Gorillaz. Esko decided to pursue hip hop not only because of its attractive style and swagger, but because “beats and words are a beautiful combination.”

It’s hard to believe with a flow so smooth that Esko has had a slight stutter his whole life. When he speaks you might notice it here and there, but his rhythmic skills and musicality come shinning through in his rhymes.

Esko is well on his way to being a true MC because of his hip-hop knowledge, ability to rhyme, and stage presence. He is true to his own style and recognizes the greats that came before. With a strong work ethic, humble upbringing, and infectious personality, Esko brings something truly special to the stage.

He opened the door by working his cousin on a mixtape, before creating two more with SG and Ann Arbor’s A-Fresh under the moniker Da Swisha Boyz (2009). Da Swisha Boyz evolved into the founding members of the exclusive recording family, MembersOnly (2011).

MembersOnly is where the maestro, Stumix, comes into action. Producer and engineer, Stumix brings his own unique style to the game. With a vast knowledge of styles and a strong musical background, his beats are rich and complex while still able to make the people move.

Esko and Stumix had lived just five miles from each other their entire lives and never knew it. These two are the hardest working people you will ever meet. Now represented by HJS Productions, Esko and Stumix released Esko’s debut album, STKM in the summer of 2012. Now located in Los Angeles, CA and committed to making high quality music, these two will continue to share their passion with people all over the world.