BandHip HopClassical

If you took Dr. Dre, Mannie Fresh, DJ U-Neek and Danny Elfman and fused them all into one producer, you'd have E-Slim. I do hip-hop production with alot of classical/orchestrated elements and the overall feel of my style is dark in nature.


I think the thing that sets me apart from all the other hip-hop producers out there is my taste in samples. The majority of samples I use are either from japanese video games or animes with my favorite composers being Nobuo Utematsu and Koh Otani. I sample these artists as a way of paying homage to their craft and gives my music a completely different feel than other sample-heavy producers out there.


[2007] Dramatized (a local group by the name of Kreep came to me to compose, produce and master an entire album for them under my independent label, Grhyme Paid Entertainment.)

[2008] Recognition Vol. II: Real & Reckless (my main artist, Chop Tha Chaser released this mixtape and I did all the recording, mixing and mastering and composed one track for him off of it.)

[2009] Strictly 4 Da Hood (Chop Tha Chaser released this mixtape with more production from me with a total of 6 of the 22 total tracks being composed by myself. I also did all the recording, engineering, mixing and mastering for this project as well.)