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I am a music producer. I am a fan of all music and the collaborative creative process. My music and production attempts to capture the artist's intention and strategy relating to the total package of an album - it should be seamless. I love music and the people who make it. So lets get to work.


I began producing after playing live drums and percussion for many years. I loved writing, recording, and doing shows with a band; yet music production, composition, and diverse artist collaboration was something I have an itch for. I see it as a challenge for me to bounce off the artist, push and pull, tweak here and there, in order to blend music and artist; each artist and person is different. I love that. I have since produced single tracks and entire albums and it has been nothing but rewarding. To be involved so much in a product's development from begining to end and releasing it for everyone is what its all about. And the ultimate reward - the reaction to the result. And you definitely know it when you hear it. It's all for the fans, but it starts with oneself.

I have been influenced by punk and reggae/ska music mostly, while hip hop and rap has been relevant to me as well. Since I learned instruments on classical and orchestral music pieces, I have a great appreciation for its complexity. I love all music. It just depends on the level of its permanence in me.


1981 - Hello World.
1986 - Piano Lessons Begin. 5 yrs old.
1990 - Drum Lessons Begin. 10 yrs old.
1995 to 1999 - Various Orchestral and Percussion Recordings
1998 - Jack Handy. Self-Titled. Self-Released. ThornApple Studios. Punk/Ska Band. Drums. 16 yrs old.
2000 - Jack Handy. The EP. Self-Released. Punk/Ska Band. Drums. 18 yrs old.
2004 - 4 States Away. FXNEQ. Self-Released. Hip Hop/Rap/Rock/Funk Fusion. Drums and Percussion & Electronics. WorkBook Studio. 23 yrs. old.
2005 - B.S. Architecture from The Ohio State University.
2006 - Stoneface. Mannerable Fashion, Fashionable Manner. Historical Records. Rap/Hip Hop. Producer/Engineer/Composer/Photoshop/Layout. In My BedRoom/Studio Studio. 25 yrs. old.

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I'm a producer but I wouldn't put it past me to get behind a table and a laptop and a drum set... eh, not a bad idea....