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"Esoteriqa EP Review"

Written by: Nick Martinelli

" If you’re into bands with high energy and something to say, Esoteriqa will say it only once drilling every note into your skull like they’re the last ones you’re ever going to hear."

     Esoteriqa is a brand new group taking the east coast by storm. These Boston natives are rocking the music scene in Mass. and are defiantly making a hefty name for themselves in a short amount of time. The band’s lineup is spectacular, blending many musical influences for tunes that have plenty of oomph. If you’re into bands with high energy and something to say, Esoteriqa will say it only once drilling every note into your skull like they’re the last ones you’re ever going to hear. Another interesting tidbit is that all members come from very different cultural back grounds. Shred connoisseur German Schauss hails from Germany whereas guitarist Tak Tanaka and bass master Katz Goto’s homeland is in Japan. David Cowan and Star are Cleveland, Ohio natives who have been longtime friends. Esoteriqa have an intense musical chemistry that surpasses any radio rock band on the waves today.

     “Do It” the EP’s opening track, is an edgy song with plenty of heavy guitar riffin’ and crystal clear melody lines. Star’s vocals make up the frontal assault of catchiness that will have any fan singing along. “Do It” is the perfect radio song by today’s standards. The guitar work from Berklee graduates German Schauss and Tak Tanaka drive the tune along with a very funk influenced groove. Another highlight was the solo section, because of the blazing technique! Speed and soul meet on level grounds for unprecedented meeting of the minds. It’s great to see bands breaking free of the stigma that says guitar solos aren’t cool. German and Tak are talented gun slingers and are going to carve a name for themselves in the industry.

     “Friends All Over the World” vibe comprises of catchy reggae/heavy rock, driven by punchy guitar work and colorful vocals. I really enjoyed how the vocals/lyrics intertwined into the music. Star’s performance seamlessly fit with the main melodies of this track. David Cowan (aka The Young Professor) lays down some of the fattest drum work I’ve heard in years. Being a Berklee graduate as well, you fall in love with his slammin’ booty kickin’ beats. David is not you’re average run of the mill rock drummer that only has a few beats in his stash. Cowan gives the song the upbeat urban sound that it deserves. His drum lines are very powerful and defiantly are a key to this song’s success. The main lead section is stellar as well, because German and Tak kick it up to the next level. Did I mention that they eat fret boards for breakfast. Their blend of quick licks, soulfully calculated bends and mind boggling phrasing will leave the fan wondering, “How the heck did they do that?!?!” Esoteriqa has a message to send out and after hearing this track you’ll be aware of their call to arms. Star’s voice is perfect fit for the group’s sound. He has very diverse vocal range and can cover a wide range of styles. Most of all Star’s voice is commanding, demanding that the listener give full attention to what he’s belting out.

     “Wonder Y” brings this off the wall EP to a close with a mix of heavy metal and funk. “What a combo”, your thinking? Well, I couldn’t get over it when I first heard this mellow paced rock anthem for the first time. I kept thinking to myself, I’ve never experienced music that sounded like this before, ever! Esoteriqa are true musical chameleons. They can take any style of music and blend it with another for an interesting and diverse melting pot of harmony. Star’s vocal lines are very catchy and as well put together as always. He opts for a modern rock range that can be compared to Lenny Kravitz. Star has a unique voice and shouldn’t be mixed up with the rest of today’s singers, because he truly has an original sound. Another memorable mention is the fat thundering bass lines of Katz Goto. If you’re looking for a bassist that has groove and heavy thumps, he’s your man. Let’s all thank Mr. Roboto for giving us Mr. Goto! Lastly, lend your ears over to guitar hero German Schuass. He rips through the solo like he’s playing it with two hands behind his back. Need I say more?

     All in all Esoteriqa are paving the way to receive a major record deal. They have exactly what it takes to go all the way. This band can do no wrong! From meaningful lyrics, tight rhythmic drums, thumpin’ bass and screaming guitars, what territory isn’t covered? This EP is a great kick off for what’s next to come. I can’t wait for a full length, because I know the music will be blazing with groove and style. Four out of 5 stars! Visit their website today at
- The Shred Zone

"Esoteriqa Rocks Western Front (Concert Review)"

By Tim Fitzgerald

'... sound not only like they were born playing, but rather, like they were born playing together.'

The majority of the audience gathered at the Western Front in Cambridge on the evening of September 13 were probably not expecting local metal band Esoteriqa's set to come to a crashing Who-style conclusion, complete with Berklee's "Young Prof' mounting his drum kit and leaping to the floor, only to rise again and wreak havoc on the set. This is what transpired, however, along with some of the hottest and freshest metal north of New York. Mostly Berklee graduates, the band's lineup consists of two guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Bassist Katz Goto and drummer David Cowan are the core of the group, and sound not only like they were born playing, but rather, like they were born playing together. Along with guitarists Tak Tanaka and German Schauss, riffing and soloing monsters, the instrumentalists create a very moshable sound. The final piece of this puzzle is the lead singer, known only as Star. He is the commander in Chief in Esoteriqa's war on mundane music. His singing can go from quiet and brooding to soaring and majestic in a single chorus. Esoteriqa claims Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin as influences, but the band is anything but derivative. Their originals are tight and the material reflects the players' unique style well. A trip to see this band is highly recommended to those who prefer their metal danceably bombastic.

- The Groove

" listener ReviewsReviews"

“ This track bitch slapped me get the idea. The solo is playing as I type, and I have to pee!!."
- gunzero
Chicago, Illinois

“I liked the guitar that sounded like a sheet of metal being played on....”
- RHIT_DrummerGuy
Indianapolis, Indiana

“funk groove, makes me wanna mosh hard”
- F_Prime
Sydney, Massachusetts, Australia

“Whoa, somebody's burnin'...”
- joconnorwi
Racine, Wisconsin

“It’s as if a rocking rhythm and a Jamaican Rasta theme were thrown in a blender and this tapestry of well crafted harmony came to be.”
- dividezero
Cedar Falls, Iowa

“The reggae vocals are a refreshing change and definitely unexpected.”
- Renfield13
Pasadena, Newfoundland, Canada

“refreshingly DIFFERENT.... “
- axe2grind
La Grande, Oregon

“Vox are kinda Lenny-Kravitz-like, but much better. Rhythm is cool, purposely a bit off-kilter. Smokin' bit off lead work too. Maybe if Hendrix were still around he'd be jammin' on something like this. “
- straylight
Shelton, Connecticut

“Very soulful singing. Good emotion. Good song. Keep rockin'.”

- foznic
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

“rock singers need more soul in their voice like you...its on my list for christmas. keep it up”

- orginel
Auburn, Maine

“..modern and original. Groove rock band. I like it.”

- Pepeleepu8290
Naugatuck, Connecticut



Full Length Album planned for 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


These guys bring the noise hard, hot and heavy! They kinda remind you of Zeppelin with a bone crushing heavy groove! Imagine the orgy love child of Hendrix, Living Colour, the Chili Peppers, and Ozzy. (yikes!!!) With their unique style, which they call WILDCORE, this band takes free-wheeling rock and roll to another level and ushers a fresh new sound onto the rock scene.