Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopGospel

Esoteric's music is a combination of Holy Hip Hop and rhythm and praise Christian music. Exciting, emotional, and Christ lead. Singing, rapping, and spoken word for the soul.


Esoteric who mainly goes by E$O is a NuyoRican that hails from NY raised in Atlanta, and currently resides in Orlando. He’s been rapping and recording since he was 13.

He started out in Christian rap, but shortly after started doing secular rap & underground music a few years later. He then began doing mainstream rap until 2009 when he re-dedicated his life to the Lord, and decided it was best to return to Christian rap so he could share the gospel of Christ with others.


Singles released

"More Than Swag" 2009
"Stay Prayed Up" 2010
"Committed" 2011