Chico, California, USA

Esoteric is a 5 piece band from Chico California who have made a name for themselves in the West Coast Metal Scene combining high energy shows with their unique mix of full-tilt progressive metal, groove, and reggae.


-Esoteric Defined:
1. Understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite: poetry full of esoteric allusions.
2. Belonging to the select few.

Esoteric is a powerhouse 5 piece reigning from Chico California who have made a prominent name for themselves in the West Coast Hard Rock Scene by blending a unique mix of full-tilt progressive metal, power groove, and reggae; succinctly dubbed "ganja-core". Armed with a brilliantly original sound, and an impassioned devotion to their music and fan base, the band has been consistently growing and evolving as a unit since their inception in 1996. As a part of this career path, Esoteric has developed a philosophy of positive social and political movement within their sound, and have become reputably well known for rocking one of the most high-energy, professional live sets in the underground scene today.
The band's union throughout the past decade of pursuing their dream has brought them to call the Northern Sacramento Valley their home base, after having relocated from the Sierra Nevada foothills in 2000. Although Chico has been their main hub, they have spent a great majority of their time away on the road, boasting 300+ shows since their 2002 release of "New Sense". Upon its release, this debut album immediately received acclaim from Northern, Central, and Coastal California radio stations, including 106.7 Z-ROCK as well as KFM just to mention a few. After touring extensively to promote "New Sense", a lineup modification brought in Matt Chomistek on drums and Doug Fletcher as an additional guitarist solidifying the lineup as a five piece.
With this infusion of fresh blood, the band's style was further propelled in a unique, innovative direction that was quickly made very evident when they stepped into Sacramento's Pus Cavern Studios to track their second recording effort. With producer Eric Broyhill (The Deftones and Cake producer/engineer), they laid down the 2003 EP "Contradiction System". This second release received a great deal of acclaim as well, including praise from a number of reputable music publications, radio stations, fans, and club owners… all asserting a similar tone of stoke:

~ "I was blown away by this disc"…"they have a sound that gets the pit jumpin' hard with an energized aggression and a wicked pace." -Lars Logan, Synthesis Magazine.

~ "Esoteric's members push the variety of their collective individualities into a style that combines big, fat metal guitars with vocals that definitely evoke the passion filled yowls and rants." -Chico Enterprise-Record Buzz Magazine

~"The overall messages of the band and what it's trying to push is a positive aspect of things"…"a band that mixes head-banging heavy metal with the rhythmic sounds of reggae." -Yuba City Appeal-Democrat

As a result of the release of "Contradiction System", Esoteric's reach to bigger, better venues and shows was greatly expanded around the Western Corridor. From Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area, all the way down to Southern California, Esoteric has shared the stage as support for such acts as The Kottonmouth Kings, Superjoint Ritual, Devil Driver, Lacuna Coil, Zebrahead, The Riddlin Kids, Insolence, Pepper, Long Beach Short Bus, and Mower to name a few; and they have rocked a number of noteworthy venues and events including but not limited to:

-The Roxy Theater and The Whiskey a Go-Go/ Hollywood, Ca.
-The Pound/ San Francisco, Ca.
-The Summerfest Music Festival/ Humboldt, Ca.
-The Boardwalk/ Sacramento, Ca.
-The Nowhere X Nowhere Music Festival/ Chico, Ca.
-The Roadhouse/ Sacramento, Ca.
-The Sawtooth/ Lake Tahoe, Ca.
-The Catalyst Club/ Santa Cruz, Ca.

All and all, Esoteric has proven to be a highly professional and respected group of musicians who's passion and perseverance will no doubt lead them on to the next level of success, exposure, and of course, musicality. November 29th, 2006 marked the release date for the LP release of "The Way". Recorded at Oakland, Ca's Sonic Room Studios, and produced by ex Systematic mastermind Tim Narducci, this album has a fresh, driving, well sculpted sound that is sure to be turning heads nationwide in the years to come! In short… expect to hear Esoteric continuing to combine a monster sound and an intelligent, conscious message that is a must see for anyone who has ever considered lighting up a spliff and burning down the system! Thanks for your time and support!


-Chris Andersen
380 E 17th St
Chico, CA 95926
(530) 570-8277



All This Time

Written By: K.Williams

We need to teach the youth
Show them a positive way
They need to know the truth
Tell them corruption lead astray
And theres no way
I'm ever tripping that white line
A plague of this world
The destruction of this life
And ever time that you do another line

I think of all this time
That you've wasted
I think of all this time
Thats gone by

It's up to you to choose
And theres a vision I see in you
Know that if you abuse
Know that your life will surely lose
I can not justify
The reasons why people choose this high
Problems that come your way
Are they always here to stay

Irie Evolution

Written By: K. Williams

Check this out!
The babylon system is pure confusion
Bust them out with an Irie Evolution
Get Bush out!
And give this world improvement
Them holden us back with them War and disolution
Why is it?
Some people have no food to eat
and Why is it?
Children have no shoes on there feet?
And Why is it?
There's always money for war
But we can't feed those in need who are so poor
Why can't we all just keep it simple?
Love and Livity
For the people x2

Don't be a victim
Of the system
The most corrupt
Babylon system

You know we all jus slaves to the rich man vision
And everybody in this room is a victim of the system
To all the countries that be livin up in this world
We've got some problems to address to the boy's and girl's
It's up to you to stop corruption
and pain
Don't take it for granted
Don't take it in vain
How can we all just keep it simple
Love and Livity
For the people
We are the people

Make Up Your Mind

Written By: K. Williams

Get up
Stand up my brother
Make a decision
Much to do with this world you live in
All the shit that we must believe in
I get the feelin truth is revealin
What exactly do you stand for
Hate and deception
The lies and the greed
Envy and jealousy
Fuck me

Make up your x2
Decision time
Make up your mind

What is the way
How are you livin
I know your taken
What the fuck are you givin
All the shit that we must believe in
All the the shit that can't be for givin
The choice is yours
Make a decision
The path you choose determines your vision
Truth and rights
Pure freedom of life
Love and respect
For de women she gets


"Contradiction System"- 6 song demo, 2004
"The Way"- full length release, 2006

Set List

Our standard 50 minute set currently focuses on supporting our new LP release, "The Way", including All This Time, Self Inflicted, Chayan, Unite, Let Down, Irie Evolution, Money For War, Make Up Your Mind, and Soul Patriot.

We can easily play a solid 1.5 hour set with a few covers thrown in to pay homage to such influential artists as Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, Machinehead, etc.