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I am where hip hop is going. I'm it's walk, it's refined speech, it's intellect, it's evolving school of thought. Personified. I am Lupe Fiasco's stream of consciousness, Nas' depth, and a universal flow that meshes seamlessly on which ever song i'm placed.


I am looking to build something more than music. With the lackluster state of music, Rap especially, and the evident under appreciation of Hip-Hop, my sole mission is to bridge the gap, and make creatively magnificent music in the process.

A great number of artists are following and trying to maintain a "tough guy" persona. I think this is why our music lost it's individuality. In an era of urban music where it isn't cool to be yourself anymore, I am being exactly that. ME!

Since I knew what music was, I have been with ways to find further express my creativity through it.

All music is an influence to me, as well as my surroundings. I am focusing on creating music that is a representation of me as well as my culture.

From Production to Engineering--I do it all. Because I love every aspect of the end result. Since as long as I could remember I have been striving give every one around me my "creative self" through the arts, especially the art of words. The world inspires and saddens me simultaneously. I try and capture it all.

Hope you enjoy what I take in through what I put out.


Cry Girl

Written By: Espee

Cry Girl (Go On)
Written by: Sean Perkins
Music by: Big Boy Traks

Verse 1

Beautiful Specimen
Crying these walls of tears
Downtrodden by all she hears
Surrounded by walls of fears
She can’t really expect what’s near
So she sits in dream land
While expecting the real
She’s sick
She can’t stand from the gravity here
Each tick of time’s sand
Makes it harder to bear
And shit only grows worse, like
Year after year
She feels just living life
It’ll kill
I kind of figure why u cry girl…
Because life’s this heckler
Spiting whatever
U fight to put together
You can’t really trust guys, they pushing up
On you cuz you
Got what they want—they trying to cut
Add pressures felt
From where ever else
They injured the self
You tried to reach
It’s made a defeatist
Out of
An angel that I woulda called my own
But a higher power called her home
It’s killing me she had to…


Verse 2

In revisiting us-
I wish I could bring revision in us, sorta
Demolish the past, rebuilding a trust
Renovate moments of laughter
Insatiable lust & lump them together
In chapters, enabling some
Remnants of an us- we were
Ripped from our instincts
Disbursed over circumstance
Shredded over arguments
Torn over differences
Guess we both had 2 stop…
Gained a cognizance
Both awoke from our dream—
Regained consciousness
It had a beautiful scene
But it was all a myth
We got it confused somewhere
It got conundrum-ish
We were repeating the bad
It got redundant
We didn’t want it to end
We wanted to fight—the towel was
Already thrown in—
It happens betwixt grown women
And men…
I said it then
Gotta say it again
We both know we had to…



Written By: Espee

Fly Love Song (Always)

Written by: Sean Perkins
Music by: Big Boy Tracks

Verse 1

Really & Truly
I've been living a movie
(Without a script)
Waiting on that special woman to move me
(And you were it)
Dreaming about you
Floating Down 8-twenty six
Average Height
Luscious lips
Soulful Eyes, that had gripped
My soul from me--didn't fall
But I tripped
Simply said she the shyt
Had my thoughts doing FLIPS
From the thoughts of our kiss
Could pass up a chance I could have her
(so I spoke)
Excuse me miss--
We should exchange addresses
Names are irrelevant
Know that I'm a gentleman
That wants to know your temperament
This ain't about the intimacy--see
We gotta know WE meta-physically
And spiritually before we're physical and sensual see?
I'm not ya average--Sex first--don't really cut it with me--
I'm trying to know you to a deeper degree
Before I meet you in the biblical means
Can you hear what I mean?
(Cuz baby)


Verse 2

Really & Truly
Time's elapsed and I'm through with pursuing
And picking and choosing all these chickens and hoochies
That only--
See that CHA-CHING!
From the units we moving--but you--
Don't think I'm perfect
You see room for improving
And That's REAL!
Because behind the music I'm human
I could lose my mind sometimes
Flip out and cuss PROFUSELY--
But u calm and help me
Bring it to the loose leafs
With me
No matter if I'm down and depressed
From all the shitty circumstances at hand
Or stacking the cash
And for that
Whatever I have
U getting half--
That's how I feel
I'm gone always support and understand--
I play the parts of--
Lover and your friend
Yet again--Baby, love
I want 2 you overstand
Let's soar above the B.S.
I see you in my plans
Past the future
Can you see that doll?
If the heaven's had a height you would be that tall
(for real)


Get Money

Written By: Espee, Joe King

Get Money
Production By: Protégé (The Mad Drummer)
Lyrics By: Joe King (R. Corley), Espee (S. Perkins)


♪♫Get Money, get mo’
Get chicks, Get sweaty, Ride Chevys, Do shows
(Next City) U KNOW!!!
Get money, Get money, Get money
GET mo’…

(Joe King)


I’m so fly I got fans like—
(Where are you?!?!?)
I’m so high the Earth’s lookin’ like a marble
Snuck up on the game, DANG!
I ain’t mean to startle you
‘Matter fact, thinking back, you ain’t react
Like a goon would do…
But nevermind that, Imma grind/stack
Cheddar Yao Ming tall—
& the combat—you na’ wan dat!
You’ll watch your team fall!!!
Imma disease over these beats
We ganging green dog
S-coli when I rhyme— I make ‘em ease off
C-City in the building now,
Watch the spyker fly down 183rd when I PUSH the
Pedal down…
I’m Michael Phelps, ‘cuz my flows like water
I’m best (rapper) swimming
Y’all gone ‘n give me the medals now—
Hey, y’all sit and watch—If they’ll put the house on (HIM)
Then my boys’ll bet the (whole friggin’) block
We bout to top the charts
And snatch a couple spots
A DOPE. BOY. Personified.
Worth a trillion blocks
(& we…)



Album Projects

The Composition (2003)
Urban Decay (In Progess Due Late 2009)
Life & Noise (In Progress Due 2010)
Throwback (Due 2010)
Rap's Redemption (Due 2011)
The Composition Refined: v. 1.5 (Adise: Due 2011)
The Manifesto (Due 2012)

Mixtape Projects

Mixtape NUMBA WON (2003-04)
Hi-Life (2004-05)
Mixtape TOO: The Sum of All Fears(2005-06)
DrunknFlowz (2006)
HollowBottlez (2007)
EMG Presents: "JOE KING" The FreshMAN
EMG Presents: That BOI "CERTIFIED"

Set List

usually a set could last from 10 to 30 minutes.