Expressive Groove Trio.


Imagine a style of music so tastefully unique to itself it cannot be categorized by genre. Even to roughly classify it as “jazz” would simply not be doing it justice. The most accurate way to describe Esperanto is as an expressive groove trio. The only two fundamental qualities of this sound are that of limitless expression and definite groove. The trio consists of Lucas Ellman on tenor saxophone paralleled with electronics, Shanley Wang on keys and James Krivchenia on drums. Together, these three performers create music that cannot be identified by previous musical standards.


Debut album out soon!

Set List

-KABOOM! difficult.
-Zen of Dan
-Take Me To The Southland
-Lo-Rez Lifestyle
-Sneaking Around the French Quarter
-Thunk Hard
-Get Sum
*Dark Matter (working title)
*Brush Song (working title)
*Dream Song (working title)