Like a wizened professor in a tweed jacket, Espionage has the single malt aroma of high breeding. But like the funny guy at the party, Espionage is effortlessly entertaining. You'll want to get on the dance floor, but you'll still respect yourself in the morning.


A relatively new band, Espionage is characterized best by an incredible energy for both performance and song writing. Incepted in March 2006, after a mere10 months the band had written over 20 songs, recorded 10 tracks and performed a dozen shows.
Hailing from the Prairies, Rob and Conor have played together throughout their musical careers, most notably in The Fine Options, a band which enjoyed several years of touring and 3 full length releases. After moving to Victoria, they joined forces with musician, engineer and recording studio owner Neil to form Espionage. Neil's past band credits include Wrought:ironsmile whose records have been repressed 3 times to meet demand in Europe. His engineering credits include the first Hot Hot Heat release. The combination of these three's talents and energy erupted in the full-length release, Python Octogon, which was completed only 5 months after the band's very first rehearsal. The self-released album is already a mainstay in the playlist of Victoria clubs and will be re-released in Spring 2007 to accommodate the demand for more CDs.
Espionage is returning to the studio to record their second full-length, Manly Tough, in the Spring of 2007. The true energy of the band, however is most quickly understood in performance. It is not uncommon to see people from all walks dancing or bobbing their heads to the show.


Python Octogon (2006)

Set List

A typical set would be 45min to 1hr. Currently that set would include:
-Glass Jar
-Late for Tomorrow
-Failed Application
-UKU 009
-Walk with the Children
-Short Break Long Night
-Seems Like There's No Tomorrow
-Drug Eagles