Espionage of the Loc

Espionage of the Loc


Radio-ripe alt.pop songs that have an unnerving knack of creeping into the earhole and setting up base-camp in the listener's head.


December 2009

It all started back in primary school for a musically-rebellious Brendan Porteus when he rapped the Lord’s Prayer in assembly. A few classes skipped later, and Brendan was honing his talents not only on vocals, but on guitar, bass, drums and keys.

At 19 he joined with his equally talented-but-wayward brother Liam (sounds familiar..?!) to form hip-hop combo The Absolute Kretins. Rapping some wicked, and more-often-than-not humorous, lyrics over their own backing tracks, the group showed promise beyond its years. The Kretins released two albums and successfully toured the UK but something more attractive was beckoning the boys and that was: the world of rock.

Brendan Porteus formed Espionage of the Loc with brother Liam, long-time collaborator Xennon Easton and drummer Calum Knox in the spring of ‘08. The new band took its name from Brendan’s nickname ‘Loco B’ in the Absolute Kretins.
Their sound meanwhile borrowed from the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers (circa the Blood Sex Sugar Magik era) and also the dirtier sounds of Alice in Chains but with a boyish, cheeky edge.

Brendan is an inveterate songwriter, even at his tender age of 25. He has a deft sense for melody and rhythm and always seems to pluck lyrics from his heart, he doesn’t sing any old bullshit.

Espionage of the Loc are fun, feel good, feel amazing: go out there and listen.

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''Another Fine Sunny Day' Physical Album 2009.
"Live in Uranus"
Digital Album 2010.
"As the Sun Rises"
Digital Single, April 2010.

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Upto 45 Minute set.
All original material, visit
Guaranteed party, dance, live show.